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I do not not know anything about wordless communication without any other
sense contact,
ears or eyes. The convention I meant was to identify oneself
for sake of reference of further communication.
And the discussion on the level of the brain and
the innner struggle and crisis caused by neurotransmitters and function
defence resulting from brain grow in avoidance and
projectiv ascribing to
people which get as such much more agression as it is
to see caused by their actions.
In regard of the intelligence of th epeople the lot
of fight against one another is more than puzzling,
as the advantages of cooperation, where almost
the whole of human devolpment  relies on,
are so obvious.
Therfore  some illumination on the level
of physical, biological, neurobilogical,
brain growing inner pains and struggles
projected to
outward is more than interseting.
Especially if one wants, as Deleuze and Guattari and me,
turn this instead the production of i fine, stable psychic matter - brain
and psychic rhizome.

As we are used in computer programming,
one little mistake gives mostly a lot of following erros,
which will vanish, sometimes in social reality more slowly,
in finding the real cause.

That was also the origianl ambition of Marx in
taking radical  as coming, as it really is, from  root (radix).
A rhizom is also a root.

And still  there are these emails are unsigned with strange, changing
The other conventions are known, to be polite and to make
much and easy understanadble, also in intention, what is wanted to be said.

greetings Harald Wenk

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nobody is saying such a ting as dat... lemme take the time to make a
very obvious statement: I have just used words and conventions to make
my point.

(When meanwhile the point you made was against convention and you did
not use a single words to describe that imaginary convention.)
... which is why I give you the benefit of the doubt by believing in a
wordless communication. Seems you wish to destroy that bridge, unless
you actually do presume that there is some religious discussion that
is important here. So what is it... tell us more, I wish to have faith
that there is substance below....

You have a fantastic imagination but you must burst this solipsistic
bubble that obscures your powerful mind from joining in rhyzomatic
orgasm. It feels like you are trying to argue with the words you
pretend to put in my mouth, why waste our space here like this? there
is a whole world that you exist with. there is a "we" an "our" and an
"us" also.... we do not have to be in imaginary opposition, the things
I say are a part of what you say, can you not see that we even agree
on the despotic self? so why go against this revelation? The wiki
article on "oriental despotism" was very bad and I have taken the
initiative to add some info, perhaps you would care to continue this
non-deluezian topic at that other forum? Also about Lebanon... why is
it that the man Chomsky has become the most reliable source for
informative news in all of the media? I am not disagreeing but only
questioning this sad fact.

Meanwhile in the U.S. the harmony is not so perfect. In New york there
have been massive electrical failures with blocks of citygrid going
black for upto 12 hours. The uptown neurobiological labs have
suffered, and their frozen storage chambers have begun to unthaw, that
damage is undeterminable, but data accuracy is now jeopardized.
Perhaps if the university was not located in the poor neighborhoods
then it would have been spared.
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