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Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:52:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [D-G] Deleuze Also personal threatened by

> that I cannot see any sense in it, especially if taken as dialogic as
> answers
> to emails I have written.
> Often the points I replied to are not confirmed,
> and not discussed further.

we talk about a lot and it is often unpractical to summerize every
step, it is rough territory isn't it? it seems like one of your
tactics is to bring up lots and lots of issues and then you ask me to
respond to each one, is unfair dialog that you wish? I would like to
ignore some of your distractive talk, but I also want to bend it
around to what I wish to speak about. perhaps I will begin bombarding
you with some thoughts that will force you to respond to me now?? or
maybe I have already done that. :)

> But so the whole relations, the possibility to build up a flowering economy
> and in short, to live a comfortable life, are almost destroyed.
> The conflicht about Isreal is from the start in 1948.

no, it is not. it about the "western" narrative of the anti-christ and
the apocalypse. it is a very big issue. it is also about the american
revolution as an american-isreal and the anti-christ... leaving
england in 1666 and converting to islam...  perhaps we will have to
talk more about this complex narrative so that it is clear and not
sounding like some crazy idea... and it is a crazy idea actually.
(Then there is the question of science that was born from the
apocolyse religions... this science is wonderful and secular but it is
entirely limited by the political social structures that have been
co-birthed from this same crazy narrative.)

> The legitemacy of the state or political power
> is drawn from divison of work and the need to organize
> a lot of things as millions of people are
> living together on camparatively small
> domain or territory.
> Security is the most basic,

I disagree. as this territory you describe has expanded for thousands
of years we face a more basic threat then outside attacks... there is
immediate inside decay. the environment which surrounds this "western"
terrritory is not an incorporeal ideal, it is material and phsyical
and cannot bend like imaginary "wooden iron".. I feel that this is the
bigger and harder question to respond to.

> And indeed it is often so, that a technological invention based on a
> scientific ideas
> does much more for comfortable life of the people than
> hard poltical or economical struggle.

technological invention is not about making ordinary life more
comfortable, it is about control.. this is fundemental... to imagine
otherwise is to give voice to an imaginary world with which you can
dialog infinitly. this dialog is false.. it is broadcast technology
which we are asked to submit to. if we respond as in dialog form we
have begun submission. this is the surplus-value of language as ntz.
has scripted with his methods of transvaluation.

>  Also arts and developing taste and abilties to produce arts
> make life much mor happy - if one likes it.

arts provide a communication of this "crazy" narrative that cannot be
understood by the soveriegn authority. arts is one of the very few
spaces left for actual dialog, but it is under attack. without "arts"
ordinary people will loose sight of this important dialog and become
submissive to fascist authority. just like arthur miller and kazan and
huac and marilyn monroe and the cia and the beatles... it is a real
story to understand and it is also a crazy story which we must live
inside of.

> The real problem is how to make the peole skill to
> be happy enough on the ground of their own abilities.

you want to make "art" or teaching art ??

art is fun
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