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Hello Adline,

You wrote an email on the issue of isrealin-libanese conflict.
But I asked .+oot3AM patient [] because
his email made little sense.
If the setting of a communication is not that to be expected from both
assured by conventions and history of the communications,
in my eyes something has to be said about this aberration from
all friendly - in order to make oneself understandable - conventions.

But to your email:
the idea of harmonizing and intelligence is intelligent in itself.
The easiest and often not very intelligent  way to harmonize with something
that one don't
like, is it to make it vanish.
To be a little funny:
"Where did you got your license of existence here from? - If I  did it you
didn't get one"
In case of the state Israel the license of existence  comes from the UN in
1947- the Arabs vote against it - , but also from
its precedent from the  first world war the "union of nations" ("V=F6lkerbund"
in German), which was dissolved in
course of second world war.

I f one looks good for the argument one could say, the Jews or the Israeli
are some kind
of strange in this region.  This is even said by Hegel, who give a picture
of the Jews of being something like a foreign body only having
 relationships on the basis
of juristic ones with their neighbors.
But that is long ago and the Jews had been a lot of time in the Diaspora -
as we all regrettably know.
But I don't have the impression that the Arabs themselves harmonize
much better with one another.
And the Jews come from Israel.

But as I look Israel it is the state with the best flourishing economy, not
based on oil nor on tourism.
That is something in the middle east which should be model like.
In my eyes the hate on both sides, where Israel also plays a very uniting
role for the
Arabs as common enemy, is really not intelligent nor has something to do
with harmony -  taught by all three religions involved
also the secular enlightment.

To add some literal experience:
The first one in my youth is "Exodus" by Leon Uris, describing the first
arabic-israelean war in 1948 - its hard to resist to take not side for
the new coming Israelis reading that.

The second one is from an isrealian woman called Guaidi - based on
historical research from isrealiean universities.
"The beautiful Orivida".
It plays in the Spain of the 16th century,
the young Orivida is the wife of a Jew who sells wine to the king.
The Catholics made a law against Jews, so they got in trouble and has to
leave the court.
He died and she sells the wine alone in the country.
Also being protected by a member of the local government who of course fall
in love with her,
she was raped by a member of the local
Aristicrocracy, and for that -
having sexual contact out of marriage -
put in prison.

I think this is a things in social life
give rise to a lot of feelings of
real indignation and impulses to revolt:
To be obliviously mistreated and  the  mistreatment has
even more bad social consequence up to degrading
in social status for a long time.
This is also because of faulty accusations.
So you are poor and get no good education and then you get no job at all or
no good job and
are even laughed at as being not educated, not express you, having a poor
personality,   and being even material poor as a result of that.

She also got a little trouble with the most
prominent Jews,   because she
was rich and some kind of aristocrat,
so she was a danger to their dominance in the Jewish
And the end she escapes with her lover from the government to Portugal.

It looks somewhat like a realistic picture of the time and the Jews - who
are not solely sympatric.

This has also something to do with Spinoza, because that was the start of
prohibiting open Judaism, forcing to convert to Catholicism,
which results
in the escape of the parents of Spinoza to Amsterdam.

Harmony second:
On the other hand there is the way of harmonizing in a mathematical way -
which expresses the mechanical way in a broad sense.
A function is called harmonic if every point is the mean value of its values
on the surrounding spheres.

This is also something in everyday social life, where everyone tries to make
the other he meets to be  like he himself,
resulting in thinking ideal case that all  are adapting to one another so
 being the mean value of ones milieu is the resulting  stable state of
This is the thought song of the psychologists:
"Mal adapted."

But some, not so much,  people are trying which much more force  to adapt
the other not them, but to conditions they think they can
 handle the best. This is something like the  the will  and action to
Insofar is the mathematical way of harmonizing  even a little bit
 pictured to democratic and peaceful compared to  social reality.

If you see the adapting together with the processes of buildings of
identities by crisis
or education, you got an impression.

Now the struggle is that there are figures, forms, personalities and so on.

so, adapting to much some to people one cease to be was one is, important
for ones
identity - as a professional, as a self-conscious being, being sensitive and

greetings Harald Wenk
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As you ask, here is Queen Itzabillya's idea on the issue in FarEast.

"There has been a small kingdom in Israel by the Western Kingdom, which
lasted something like 50 years
The Israel occupation and living on this part of continent could also
have a duration of 50 years.
It just maybe possible to view that why there is in Brussels, and I
imagine elswhere in Europe a wave of Polish
people, why not other waves of inhabitants, from Africa Israel Corea
etc. Why not follow Ahmaninejabs advice
and let Jews return to Europe. There is a lot of problems ahead if
we do not plan ahead: we would need firstly no ghettos, but secondly
intelligent managerbrain of ethnic viable harmonics
of the ethnicities. Ethnicities as part of modernity, modernity being
precisely the moment
wherin we can learn to live together harmoniously. Ethnicity as a
material from which combination arrise in variability and joyful
activities. Intelligence of the way of living together should be
learned, and produced, by the help of art, philosophy . Other continent
will follow the move
and forget all these nationalist weight.

At the time America blocks its frontiers, Europe could open them. Europe
is void of a meaningful political program.
Let it be it, a space a continent where all world impossible issues find
their solution by intelligence.

Let us work towards that goal."

Queen Itzabillya's discourse on the platform.

Adline V.
  adline vanlindenbergh

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