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Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 13:03:31 +0200
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Hello Mr .+oot9PM golfer []

Even it you think it is my personal convention,
but also in order if it
look at old emails it would be pleasant,
or necessary to know
who all the ?s new or all people  coming with this addresses like this:
.+oot9PM golfer [].

Otherwise people who are asked did not answer and
it looks instead  there are always new ones
who not say on which stand they are.

So, in order to know this, some words to this
are necessary.
And if you want to try to life a happy and comfortable live
without language and conventions in
regard that there are about 6 Billions on this earth
not always Buddha or some else very perfect like, maybe sometimes even
hostile to on e another,
I do not see any real chance.

And if you say you don't like to live a happy and comfortable life, this
you suspicious - I, and the people I know, do.

greetings Harald Wenk
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Subject: Re: [D-G] Deleuze

this talk of convention sounds ironical/rhetorical... for to be
actually sympathetic to convention means to  recognize that convention
would ask us to examine the nationalist policy when looking at this
nationalist war. What religion? Do dogs believe in god? (Maybe you
should drop this persistent plea for convention, it sounds insincere
and I highly doubt anyone but you is aware of your personalized
conventions.) The fact is that Israel does not have a good economy w/o
backing from the US (2004,10m/day) and I dont really think the US
would ever contribute similar amounts to all the other mid-east
economies for the sake of harmony, so I wouldnt trumpet Isreal as a
model-economy. But there has been a ton of money dumped into this
region and I guarantee that anyone who has seriously studied this
region's history will tell you that harmony is antithetical to the
US's expensive agenda of turmoil. Any philosophical attempt at ethics
must recognize the facts instead of finding philosophical tangents
that take us leagues away from developing an ethical consciousness.

In the US, many like to talk about the connection between Lebanon's
leaders and those 2 "guerilla freedom-fighters" whom Isreal is
targeting their missiles. But look who is leading Israel today, also a
military dogs. Its dogs against dogs and dog fighting is usually
illegal. If we cannot put them back in their kennel perhaps we can
take away their toys. Do US citizens have any power here? Perhaps
there are some who refuse taxation and who can begin to say no to this
"social contract for turmoil." We do indeed have harmony here in a
Ohio shopping mall, but then social-hydraulics indicates that
localized harmony comes at an absolute cost.

In my opinion the DyG cure comes from elevation of consciousness,
specifically class consciousness which is about understanding what is
"dominant ideology" or some call it "convention" whatever the word. I
believe that DyG help those intellectuals who are susceptible to
over-thinking their historical position and they use the specialized
vocabulary to spell it out for them. What suffers us is most often is
the conflict between consciousness and the ignorance which sculpts our
neurobiology according to the dominant ideology. here today we have a
very dramatic reminder of how obscene we have allowed ourselves to
become. Now we can help ourselves inside more then we can help the
Lebanese and that is okay. But tomorrow it is already over and we can
only live with those chains we have traced/forged for ourselves.
I must be leaving Cyprus tonight so I can go meet with some depressed
goldfish sitting in their tanks at the Mexico-Texas border, they are
concerned that perhaps the US will attempt a similar maneuver and
attack mexico very soon. I must force myself to remind thse paranoid
goldfish that " even though Texans cannot breath underwater they are
also enlightened creatures and they are far too thoughtful to do such
a horrible thing." hmmm... maybe i'll pack an extra ketamin dosage in
case I run into a wild rhino at the airport...
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