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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 14:19:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [D-G] Deleuze

the fish the poodles all of them and the ethnology of
gang-philosophers. I must apologize for beeing upset with you & me. I
don't need a we to be. I remember the first time I used "we" on this
list and I think it was Hwenk who asked me politely not to use that
term. I think there are other words that have been curtiously asked
not to be used here. I am happy to deny a set of vocabulary, word for
word can be removed from the lexicon and I do very much believe that
more understanding will come... but it is contingent upon that
progress and without an ends there is no justification of such a
performance. but the scope seems to narrow down until friction is
In an attempt at harmony I have followed some buddists for a few days
along the trails of mexican border. we have a mandala that we study.
none of us understand, yet we meditate and discover nonetheless. the
first day I got to 5, the second day I got to 14 and on the third day
I got to 16.. there are 86. The dali lama goes to 114 everyday but he
does not go all the way down to 16. that is why the dali lama will
only meet with world leaders(demons) and not everyday-joe, do you know
who he is and why he is here? he is here to help those
world-leader(demons) escape from our hell-reality, but he is not
interested to help the everyday-joe escape. this is what he tells me
when I meet with him, I am a liar because I told him I go to 86.

in the certain buddist mandala that I am discovering I have been told
about the multidimensions that tranverse our reality. only here can we
see a certain point of view, but it is connected to multi-dimensions
like that rhyzoma. the mandala asks for me to feel/be those
connections at once, but I have only this life and I can only feel up
to 16, it is great. it is like instant understanding, getting to the
subtiler levels of the senses. the mandala is a picture not a word.

I perfer the buddist dream to the christian dream because the buddist
dream says that it is in our mind, but the christian says it is in
heaven which is not anywhere on the earth. that is why we have bob
marley telling us more about god then anyone else. bob says that
heaven is on the earth, rasta aye!
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