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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 11:23:37 -0400
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That is interesting to me also, that self-negativity is still
self-positiv even if negativly so. But depression really is a
pleasurable experience which is why it spirals down, it has momentum
to do this and the brain "wants" to experience depression. Mostly I
think this is part of the hydraulic nature of the brain, well
jello-ish nature. The linear peels of experience cascade upon our
psyche, which is made of little bits of protein combinations (an
assemblege of asterix & jacks + hexes et etc). I imagine something
close to subatomic particle physics, where the different combination
of parts rely on their number for what kind of circuit is created (re:
going from 2-to-3-etc). I do not say this to be mechanistic, no, but
maybe there can be seen a "negativ mechanism" vs a positiv vitalism,
which would suggest a way that "lack", that is negative experience,
can be made from a process of addition of parts, not subtraction of
parts. This is how the desiring-machine is distinguished from the BWO.
Even in particle physics the concept of anti-matter is very silly, yet
it is used as an explanation for how it is that the data does not add
up correctly, becoming a virtual negative value that works properly in
equations  but as such does not ever get experienced in reality, until
one has convinced themselves of such experiences by printing
color-coded maps and such things like that which are very real.

After Artaud I hope to read Guattari's Chaosmosis.

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