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Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 19:17:26 -0700
Subject: Re: [D-G] its

poststructuralism has really slowed down, reached a few deadend even,
but I imagine the east has some fantastic ways of integrating western
wisdom, but since we're over here and their over there its hard to
work though chinese semiotcs, we're so tied to our land we cant even
read from a distance.

>> there is a lot of freedom concerning rhythums
>> and contents of human thinking and feeling,
>> leaving more and more the bonds
>> of biological heritage

I'm not sure we agree yet, I'm not sure about the semantics of "leaving".
I agree that the "rhythums"/thnking/feeling are some of the contents.
And that these contents are leaving the body. I would like to describe
a rhetoric that could drum out these contents. Leaving the human
behind, and that without these contents the body must continue blindly
operating like headless frog still able to catch flies. should the
biological heritage belong in a museum, or under a brain of citizen to
globo corp?

I read some books on the differences of east-west neuro-linguistics
and they mainly describe a difference of being able to comprehend
subject vs context. it is largely "context" which eastern minds are
better trained to comprehend b/c of specific written language
variations that have been adopted and used to limit BWO.  Written
language BWOs provide a "speed limit" because being "set in stone"
doesn't change as fast as our emotional hormone levels do and so 5
years after our temper tantrum we are stuck with old useless emotional
connections for other people to learn from. But literature plays an
important role in keeping our identity social besides taking up brain
real estate.  There is far more to communication then non-verbal or
even shared words and semiotics. there is research in Huntington's
disease clearing showing personal olfactory "disgust" to be wired to
the same jello-glumps that percieve the facial microexpressions in
someone who is disgusting.

IT is quit possible that poststructuralism will meet its downfall,
itself. Shear fear of the possibility would render incredible
self-awareness only to expediate the downward spiral. '68 was a big
year everywhere. AT which point the east picked it up and ate it whole
- hopefully it wont be poison.

I hear the prez WBush will not concider meeting auto emission
standards until China has done so. To me, this indicates which way the
wind is blowing in poodleville.
 I once went out on the to the plain fields to test poodles. It was a
dusty afternoon and grounds were dirty, I tripped over a spinal
column. To the poodle running the maze, it made no difference whether
the scientists uses mac or pc, or if the analysis continued along some
ancient eastern neuro-psychology or if western path through colonial
archeology.  The left/right turns in the maze correspond to left/right
neuro-tracings.  They were anxious subjects, cloned to be, and
surgical slicings revealed the structure of the maze mirrored in the
mind.  That maze of new ideas traces philosophical pathways in my own
jello brain, in the same way, whether its left/right or east/west only
a poodle would know.
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