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Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 19:00:06 -0700
Subject: Re: [D-G]

I guess jnach is a robot who projects information w/o any circuitry
for dialog.  I agree with this kind of one-way "projection" of
opinion, even at the sacrifice of dialog, since there is so much
projected media already I thnk its hard for people to keep pace with a
real dialog circuit.  The projections of jnach are very much on
target, shooting down many false leads that attract genuine fraternal
needs of communication. The alienation itself produces this kind of
"voltage" that attracts certain populations to systemic outlets. The
process can be slow, that process of severing an identity with a
virtual computer dialog. I always hate how the computer
territorializes our time from immediate physical bonds, an entropy
that manufactures diversity. I do enjoy our dialog hwenk, its just I
try to consiously ration my personal investment to this virtual

Toqueville's critique of the republic's experiement with democracy in
america is outstanding, he can percieve the crow's feet around the
eyes of an infant. The manufactured diversity in catagories of govt is
a bonefide strategy for survival. I would never conflate govt/empires
with the people they territorialize and I would disagree with Gibon
who saw the fall of rome to be some kind of vitalist demise due to
metaphorical "plague".  Toqcovilla is good at keeping vitalism out of
his frame, allowing a more mechanistic paradigm to develop. I think
also because he is an outsider he doesn't "take it personally" and so
he doesnt take his critique to the 3rd degree, leaving it at the 2nd
allows for the reader to integrate his perceptions into their own 3rd,
providing much enlightenment in those spaces he leaves empty.

To refer back to that east-west momentum, I think the same goes with
Ballard's pov of porn. Simply coming from beyond the west allows him a
less-personalized account of it.  The need for govt/empires to
territorialize people stems from the very basic fact that women give
birth.  That sabine ethics is required is my own personal
explaination, but at least it makes a lot of sense that "solo acts" of
porn are born from systemic mechanisms and not vitalist ones. To me,
that indicates that there are many unexplained steps between "labors
of love" and "labors of masterbation" that would help Ballard's pov
fit with D-G.  Basically those steps would involve the
territorialization of mental space, and that step becomes possible
only after the "vitalist social identity" has been ruined, leaving an
alienated subject by themselves with a bunch of pixels.  That subject
is the same subject DeTocquevlle encountered during his tour of the
american experiement.
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