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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 18:20:54 -0400
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I like how Artaud explains, more as a possession. He talks about memes
that travel around like virus/plagues. So there isn't so much "us
having BWO" as "BWO having us."

We live in a very self conscious world, and I "know" myself only to a
certain point.  If I take the time to measure my feelings, I now can
get to "know" this measurement better then that feeling that I feel.
I can tell myself, "I am this measurement".  It is an oedipal
situation when I read the happy-meter to know if I am happy yet, what
has happened to my ability to feel w/o measurement?

When we are around other people, naturally those people become our
measurement. I can look into another's eyes and read their feelings
about me, do I disappoint? do I flatter? do I spoil?  When we are
around other people our identity has a basis in the fact that "I am a
person just like them" and so this manner of measurement becomes part
of a reciprocal system of identities that all relate, and they do. It
is robust over time, since we mate and evolutionarily  there is a real
genetic animal-brain that we all share and so it is not really oedipal
when we measure like this.  It is real and not virtual.

neurologically, our minds are broken into many parts forming an
assemblege that is an identity, partly unique and partly not. Most of
the parts of our mind do not change as we experience life. The growth
of this part of the mind is mostly "done" before birth. So if you
clone 1000 poodles even their complex minds will be mostly identical
and are therefore useful data for experimentation.  However, the
hypocampus is a small part, near the temple, above the ears, and this
is unique because it grows new neurons for all our life - whether we
want it or not. (Yes, the dali lama promotes mental-yoga as a way to
do this, but he also says that drugs can do it too, really though
practically ANYTIING will grow new neurons, so its beside the point.)
 It is believed that there is no neurogenesis anywhere else, except in
the hypocampus. So when someone "changes their mind," the change is
happening in only one particular part.

When we talk of rhythms that affect us, or BWOs that possess us, the
particular part of of "us" that is possessed is all the parts except
the hypocampus. See , its a matter of perspective, that being, those
parts of our identity that are genetically fixed, that do not change,
is the "us" - the subject - the poodle passions.  Like AlGore says,
when we act upon foolish fears, ie voting to capture saddam, it is the
BWO memes in our hypocampus "possessing" our brain which controls our
actions. They spred as a plague does.
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