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Hello Dr. cb,

Here in Germany there ist just the big art exposition,
the documenta. There is one famous Chinese
artist. architect, who brought 1001 Chinese with him.
In an interview he expresses the sight, that he is disappointed about
the development pf people being not so
much concerned what they can do for society,
but go on more and more investing
the efforts in private ambitions.
What you say about context  of language is true for Chinese,
but not so for Hindi and Sanskrit, which  is
much more similar to German for example.
That Is s something like a "material" effect of Chinese
semiotics, especially the writing.
But there is long Chinese philosophical thinking in
collectives, surroundings, harmony and so on.
You know the stories, only to eat food which grows in the
countryside, where you life - because of long harmony by biology,
the body is best adapted to it - is the argument.
It is still a lot of peasants in it.
In my eyes it is an expression for a very narrow
sense of harmony, subordinating individuals
largely under collectives and rigid norms.
As far as I read Massumis book on China, he
also expresses things like that.
Indeed I thought more on India than China.
What you say about "eternity" of writing is very important,
emphasized by Derrida, but sometimes
I got the impression, we intellectuals are seeking "happiness"
in thinking  and reading and writing.
That may work well - provided, we have the brain chemistry
and the unconciousness "harmonized" enough.
Also the "happiness" with texts diminish, if things are made unnecessarily

You may not believe it, but I think poststructalism
is even from a scientific point very strong
and it will cost some brute intellectual
force to come around it for the future.
As you can see from the book of DeLanda,
the concepts of Deleuze, like repetition and difference,
are sheer unavoidable of any structured thinking, and indispensable  in any
scientific thinking.
The merge of humanities and science, especially advanced mathematics,
 is  hard to circumfence too.
Also the need to come across with more or less severe
psychic illness and the progress in neurology
is a force in time for a better future
of poststructualism.

In general, the scandal is that things are largely
"sub optimal", scientific knowledge  and techniques
are blocked, stopped and directed
in some not so important channels.

And this, there you are quit right in my eyes,
has something to do with a bit archaic
handling of power between people, in the microlevel,
as Foucault pointed out, but also on the macro level.

The mirolevel includes in my eyes also the fixation on surgery
and drugs, eating and sports in mass medicine.
The split of the cures of body and soul is not very effective.
Therefore the high performance of
medicine technology
maybe not so fruitful as could be.

It is also something like the masses of people are hard
to make to live together in a way they do not
suffer on each other too much.
Especially , if their material basis  for living is not sure.
If people are to "private" and egoistic
in a not very intelligent way,
the harm is great.

This has lead in history to a difference of not well educated
masses and well educated elites,
which is much stronger in non developed countries.

Here the mass educations, even with mass universities,
which in my eyes is the background
of 68, hinders in western developed countries
to go back to that topos -
small elite and broad, stupid masses.
Sometimes I have the impression, there is some tendency
of a roll back, restricting education.

These process of "spreading knowledge, education
and intelligence" is no more stoppable. The parents who enjoyed it
themselves are a strong party
for their children and their generation in this question.
Thats "materialistic political optimism."

I have heard the late Susann Sonntag,
in USA there seems to be admiration
for the intellectual impossibility for a such strong
influence of
protestantic fundamentalism.

I hope and think,
times for this we fade away

greetings Harald Wenk

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poststructuralism has really slowed down, reached a few deadend even,
but I imagine the east has some fantastic ways of integrating western
wisdom, but since we're over here and their over there its hard to
work though chinese semiotcs, we're so tied to our land we cant even
read from a distance.

>> there is a lot of freedom concerning rhythums
>> and contents of human thinking and feeling,
>> leaving more and more the bonds
>> of biological heritage

I'm not sure we agree yet, I'm not sure about the semantics of "leaving".
I agree that the "rhythums"/thnking/feeling are some of the contents.
And that these contents are leaving the body. I would like to describe
a rhetoric that could drum out these contents. Leaving the human
behind, and that without these contents the body must continue blindly
operating like headless frog still able to catch flies. should the
biological heritage belong in a museum, or under a brain of citizen to
globo corp?

I read some books on the differences of east-west neuro-linguistics
and they mainly describe a difference of being able to comprehend
subject vs context. it is largely "context" which eastern minds are
better trained to comprehend b/c of specific written language
variations that have been adopted and used to limit BWO.  Written
language BWOs provide a "speed limit" because being "set in stone"
doesn't change as fast as our emotional hormone levels do and so 5
years after our temper tantrum we are stuck with old useless emotional
connections for other people to learn from. But literature plays an
important role in keeping our identity social besides taking up brain
real estate.  There is far more to communication then non-verbal or
even shared words and semiotics. there is research in Huntington's
disease clearing showing personal olfactory "disgust" to be wired to
the same jello-glumps that percieve the facial microexpressions in
someone who is disgusting.

IT is quit possible that poststructuralism will meet its downfall,
itself. Shear fear of the possibility would render incredible
self-awareness only to expediate the downward spiral. '68 was a big
year everywhere. AT which point the east picked it up and ate it whole
- hopefully it wont be poison.

I hear the prez WBush will not concider meeting auto emission
standards until China has done so. To me, this indicates which way the
wind is blowing in poodleville.
 I once went out on the to the plain fields to test poodles. It was a
dusty afternoon and grounds were dirty, I tripped over a spinal
column. To the poodle running the maze, it made no difference whether
the scientists uses mac or pc, or if the analysis continued along some
ancient eastern neuro-psychology or if western path through colonial
archeology.  The left/right turns in the maze correspond to left/right
neuro-tracings.  They were anxious subjects, cloned to be, and
surgical slicings revealed the structure of the maze mirrored in the
mind.  That maze of new ideas traces philosophical pathways in my own
jello brain, in the same way, whether its left/right or east/west only
a poodle would know.
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