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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:08:56 +0200
Subject: Re: [D-G] My body and Rights are being violated and abused


Its great that we almost got a
unique handling of that case.
The help could in my eyes at first be
to let one know how ONE can help oneself
on that situation - in our list my eyes
indeed on a bit abstract level.

That is  also what I expect from reading books sometimes.
There it is sometimes helpful if the understanding of complicated
things is speeded up by removing obstacles
or explaining something, which could
be done in a list like ours.

Looking for help via Internet is not
in every case a illusion about ones place in reality,
as Spinoza and D&G emphasized rightly,
it depends on the circumstances.
That differential thinking and acting is hard to handle
without consuming to much personal
soul efforts.
This leads in my eyes to a to
sometimes unsatisfactory solutions of the sort
to be one own eyes harder than it must be.

So, as you both express, I am also
very sceptical about dramatic,
urgent help cries without any real information or
possibilities of acting.

This is something, which is also
very often done by papers and TV shows,
of course needam is none.

This should in a way be enough of moral standpoint.

greetings Harald Wenk
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Subject: Re: [D-G] My body and Rights are being violated and abused

nadeem you are well on the way to possessing some rights, as you have shown
the list the first step is to become a victim, without being one, rights do
not exist ...

On 16/07/07, .+oot8am wakeup <> wrote:
> It happens everyday, all over the world. I see people on the street
> who need attention. What can I do, is he an animal? Will a shot of
> ketamine do the trick? I will deal with it if it is real, but somebody
> who is looking for help via the internet is ignoring their place in
> reality, there is no help to give them here, here we are impotent BWOs
> w/o fingers or helping hands either. That is what the internet does. I
> appreciate the poetry. Not Baudillaire, but the whole 4th wall thing..
> Thanks nadeem!
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