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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:48:49 +0200
Subject: Re: [D-G] My body and Rights are being violated and abused

Good morning Dr, cb,

>The world is veiled by our
>animism economy of identity, BWO is the story of the body as it is
>witnessed. that body of evidence reports & disseminates its story thru
>BWO, so Ive heard. The case of the missing body, will it ever be

I think too, that a feeling of urge to keep Identity is the source
of very very strong fears and so a
"narrow" conception of Identity,
which handles it in such way as a rigid Identity in  an animistic
(Aristotle) way,
(a soul or life spirit for Spinoza), to call it and to beg it and to refute
it , to pray to it,
to struggle with it, to be overwhelmed by it,
sometimes a little bit foreign,
is narrowing the reality.

This narrowing is what you express as veils.
That is pinpointed to with the expression "transversal" connections,
which on the most full available
range. (In mathematics the linearization of a transversal map has full
range -
that's probably there reason of adopting this term by D&G).
So, the more veils, the more loss of range, or dimensions,
or "reality or intensity" in machinizing, that is
producing something, at least phantasms, with you surrounding.
This notion as used by D&G tries such to explain the impression,
that also on an empirical level,
the handling, discourses and pictures are very different,
some of them are more "in connection with reality".
This gives cultural studies, historical and
to foreign countries, a solid ground.

Also the BWO is at best developed like an ocean which supports you instead
of disturbing and raging you - this is the material basis of "generous
("Ol' man river keeps rolling along..."
The Mississippi quoted at the end of "rhizome").

The brain chemistry felt as such without projecting and coming in some calm
is this BWO.

Mechanical spoken, an Identity where you have always to take care of not to
 demolished makes you very very fragile.

The other way round, even very generous Identities can be demolished.
Like some mystics, whom had been peeled their skin to death.
"Jesus has had something suicidal ...... " Deleuze in "Small writings")
Not only there fore caution and prudence is recommended in "How to make an
Some steps before there is "maniac".

The final moral judgement seems to me a very bad paranoid idea which
can be overcome by ordinary reflection and pondering.
Even with fragile identities.

"The wise makes  a whole world out of a drop,
the unwise makes a drop out of a whole world".

I am so classical that poetry or
literature is a mode of expression, then there is not so much need
"to say I".
Although it is not very important "To say I or not to say I)
Or better like Nietzsche's Buddha "Only to talk about ones
own feebleness?"

Or ????

Thinking and talking abstract has although something divine in
building up some generous identity with transversality (in everyday language
"Truth" also falls under this maps)
- this is why I like it and I got the impression, D&G also did it.
And Spinoza seemed have to had the impression to get finally,
after all this struggle and pains, something to come
out of the "cage of mice" with
the abstract way of thinking of the mathematicians.

"And so the truth had never been reveiled, if not the mathematicians ......

greetings and a beautiful (with a lot of beatitude) day
Harald Wenk

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I have been needlessly tickled, ruffhawsed, sexualy bolsterd, and I
hate it!  I really worry about the small lightweight types who breathe
weezy breaths, hiding under rocks and wiping sand from their eyes
while their hair fall out. Ive seen them in my cages, day in and day
out, its a turdish lifestyle subsisting on gerbil food. I would dare
to eat it myself! Tooo many people are in the raTRace, surfing around
with their mouses in the mazes. Clicking and clacking but not so much
breeding... more "reading. Recording and analyzing all of that porn
data consumption. You know, the entropy levels could be fixed after
all, if only when it was ideologized and eventually approached an
actual, as in those zen yogic attempts.

the economic compromise, resulting in a value system of things like
morals promoting final judgement. Running around like rats in the
subway is one way to become more animal. The world is veiled by our
animism economy of identity,BWO is the story of the body as it is
witnessed. that body of evidence reports & disseminates its story thru
BWO, so Ive heard. The case of the missing body, will it ever be
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