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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 09:30:07 +0200
Subject: Re: [D-G]

Hello Dr. cb,

It looks like, you get
a little political.
Although reading the NYT per internet
for some time, I cannot say,
I am very familiar with
the political-psycholgical situation in the USA.
As I already expressed,
the situation is for european eyes
much less political at all,
due to the strong
non-state attitude also in public affairs
and the strong position of
the states in respect to the
central government.
This is philosphical expressed
in the  theory of the "civil society" from
 from  Walzer.

This topos from Toquevilles book on America
is still alive - also in me.
But there is no much refutation from
people living in the USA to it -
on the contrary, it is still feeded.
Also compared to europe, the isolation
of a left in the european sense seems very strong,
and had impressed me in some interviews
 from Susann Sonntag.
It has also to do with the history of
the movement of workers in the -
which had been very differnt
 from the social-democratic - marxistic
line in western europe.
But the riot of the haymarket at the end of the 19th century
ist still reminded also here in europe on the 1. May
as day of work. No need to mention,
that the NSDAP took the 1. May 1933
to rule out the unions and tried to
turn it into a NSDP day.

This different cultures give also a lot of trouble,
when european politicians
to imitate the
"successful" USA politics and economics.
Especially the economic imitation,
aided by the strong position in US american
economstis in the theory,
is very harmful.
As science is per se international, also arts,
this is a to narrow foundation of the science of economics,
based on the experience of the USA.
Not only in Europe,but even more in the rest of the world,
the former countries of the
eastern block,the transformatiomn societies
and the less developped countries
are by that narrow theoretical foundation
of economics with little
real applicaple tested theory
fitting for their situation.


In course of the documenta,
there are some articles
devoted to artist, also from NYC,
but I am no  expert in modern arts,
also I have been at the documeneta
scince the last 20 years and
I am a busy vistor of museums.
I am also aquainted with some artist, not so famous.
But, I have a very classical taste - therefore....
I am probably not the right man to write a book
on arts in nyc.

But, good luck..

greetings Harald Wenk

Am Thu, 05 Jul 2007 16:17:30 +0200 schrieb .+oot8am wakeup  

> I figured I'd update you on the situation with all these art riots,
> small but certainly its happening, should be a fun summer once the
> punching begins. I suppose if you're writing a book on the politics of
> nyc arts you might of already encountered this.
> NYT: As Street Art Goes Commercial, a Resistance Raises a Real Stink
> and also
> NYT: Splashing the Art World With Anger and Questions
> -cb
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