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Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:30:35 -0400
Subject: Re: [D-G] [Deleuze-Guattari] Repression

It's about time this list fit into the George W. Bush hegemon of don't
step out of line, you terrorist gabbler. 

Moderate the fuck out of it, Malgosias and if that doesn't work, pass the
sub list to the spies on the communications, so as to hunt them down 
and kill those who dared to try to hide true identities. 

So what is this no different than pounding democracy into those who 
don't believe they need that hoary palaver, who have had it up to the ears 
from monomanical message missionaries, lately, the world's only 
lingo police wedded and embedded to the globe's classified lit-spies 
and hankerers after how it should be said: eyes-only, secret, black, 
exclusionary, prudist grammatical-oneway-is-ourway.

Meanwhile deny babble is increasing despite the anti-babblers whose
ears are estranged from any voice not their own hectoring and
promising of enlightenment if only idiots sounded like savants
and thought the fundamentals everyone in advertising knows are 
the only ones useful for glazing eyeballs, better yet inflaming

Clear language eroticism of merchantry is a pox long ovedue eradication. 
Masters of peddlers' prophylatic clarity thumb the scale. 

Saith the soothsayers of may a thousand plateaus escape the copyrighted 
belabored geographies of expert commentators pushing sedation of just so
verbs entwined with gravely-serious permissable nouns.

Only thing worse for online exchange of diverse views is precedential 
reputation which stifles inchoate new ways of disturbing the peaceable 
kingdom of fixing the vote-rigging say yes boxes.

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