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Indeed, but the point was the psychic status of the world and the phantasm,
according and Spinoza and Vedanta and ourselves.

One of the points of Deleuze and Guattari is
the status of phantasm and real putting together
as acting directly on another.

The most pragmatic reason for this differentiation was,
that almost any information urges to be test if its true
or what consequences it has.
You have mostly to look at your already known
things an has an open question.
This may change the course of action and
has a super individual tendency.
Of special interest is fear,
having a great deal of phantasm parts.

The other thing is, looking in the archive,
especially in former times
there are a lot of emails,
for example a program from
the university of Budapest
or a announced monkey who typed,
The authors hade made themselves a fun
or wanted to hinder a new
discussion to be pursued.
Especially it is from already known members of  this list.

Mostly this destroys
the thread of a discussion.
The possibility to tell "fun" emails
to one having some  kind
of demanding more serious tackling
is often not so easy.

As I wrote often calling Derrida,
this is no good ethics of
communication or cooperation.

The "open questions" or "Gestalts"
bother one - most striking in
false alarms.
The "Gestalt is also used as a category. in "Chaosmose" by Guattari.
 "Open questions" are the psychic
mechanism the "fun" of "fun" emails often relies on.

As  Deleuze and Guattari rightly point out,
there are different kind of humours.

Often for these emails,
the intensity  of fun and humour  is very low.

greetings Harald Wenk

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> So, your completing data is a reason for
> a rwal action, the psychic rerality turns into
> some real movement of a body.
> The neighbuor may beome angry and
> shout. "What a noise in the night!!"........
> So thongs escalate, the pahansmof the snalke
> chanfges your social relationship.
> "You have snake in your flat???"
> "No, it is only a rope!"
> (silent to oneself: Though I am not so sure)
> "I am also afraid of snakes!"

PS: "The pahansmof the snalke" is not a snake, nor member of the snake
family, nor member of the reptile species, nor a genus or a general kind. He
is only recognizable by his name.

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