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Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 20:33:11 +0200
Subject: [D-G] Close reading : Bergson's conception of difference

Hello everybody,

i'm gonna start reading and writing on this mailinglist about this article.

I tought of putting up a discussionforum but i rather do it on the 
mailinglist, that way
people always get the mails, and are maybe more attracted to the reading.

I would like to ask those who are willing to join in to do this in a 
certain way.
1)i wanna keep this reading very structured, that way it will become 
easy to look for things
2)i'm gonna do this by reading this article paragraph per paragraph, and 
put it in a reply on
this first mail.If you wanna make a comment on the paragraph please 
reply on the topic where the paragraph is in.
3)if you want to make an a more general remark please do it as a reply 
on this mail; so it stays out of the paragraph list.
4)try to answer the questions as precise as possible
5)if you have a question: make a new mail, with the specific question , 
rather then answering one and in that answer formulating
a lot of new questions (i'm very good in this :-)
6)i'm sorry for all the remarks, i think the organic will take over the 
order. But untill then i try to organise my thoughts.

7)the text that i'm refering to is in the book: desert islands.
and if you look good you can easily find it on the web. i have found it 

Well that's all, i'm gonna make a new topic for the first paragraph
greetz filip
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