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Dear Group,

Without the ambition to start a new thread,
I like to add to my Ice times (age)
that Deleuze in his
"Introduction to Sacher Masoch"
hold the thesis,  that there is a kind
of biological  memory of the ice age,  - stored in the genes (H.W). -
that gives the "lust for pain" or the
seeking for pain.
As the the ages dure pretty long,
this is very plausible,
especially if you imagine the
situations of the poor heroic crowds
of human beings surviving them.

Consequently it gives an argument for
the force of the body without organs, and the
directing of desires by biological
reactions from the DNA, which determine
the subjectvations - by releasing endomorphins
and other biochemistry.

So, the urge comes indeed from the nerve cells themselves,
which can - done if done, not done if not done -
incorporate it into
the strata of the brain  - of course that of subjectvations too.

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