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Subject: [D-G] Fw: New Journal / Call for Papers. "Semiophagy: Journal

Dear group,

the second link

goes to another journal, "emotion of space".

The cite of Thousand  Plateaus in
shows that word-ingestion is meant, which is
something like my second interpretation below.

The title "Patpaphysik" is from Jarry,  french literat and written  pretty
young, not a physicist as one may expect.
"Existential" semiotics (the science of signs in a very general sense,
with Umberto Eco as most prominent scholar), sounds very
interesting too.

semiophag reminds of bacteriophag - which in turn
gives a "a parallel evolution" wit our "mind" rhizome as
bacteophafg induces sickness, maybe a parallel evolution and an
improvement of the immune system.

But the titlemakers  may have had more the more brute and direct
association of intellectuals in mind,
reading a lot of books and thereby "eating a lots of signs"
or semiotics - like a phagocyte.

Eating semiotics is probably more common now, because
mass media, as invoked by Deluze for the cinema, are full of signs
and semiotics to.

Greetings Harald Wenk

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>Subject: [D-G] New Journal / Call for Papers. "Semiophagy: Journal
>ofPataphysics and Existential Semiotics
>Call for Papers
>For more information:
>Online submissions:*
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>New Journal for 2009!*
>*Semiophagy is an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, artists, and
>activists to engage in semiotics, broadly construed. More than abstractly
>saying what signs are generally, Semiophagy pushes the concept of the sign
>toward questions of praxis. Instead of asking 'what' a sign is, it
>'how' we discover and interpret signs in the first place.*
>*Semiophagy aims to trace the being of signs from their phenomenological
>emergence to their existential significance, asserting that insofar as all
>signs must be interpreted, the search for every sign's meaning is a
>urge expressed as art. This includes but is not restricted to
>and critical inquiries, visual works, pataphysical experiments,
>comics, spoof ads and articles, dada, ethical treatises, as well as the
>history and myth of semiotics itself.*
>*For possible publication in Spring of 2009, submissions to**
>Semiophagy**MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 1ST, 1009.
>**Semiophagy is a blind, peer-reviewed publication. For more information,
>to submit a piece, please contact**
>Dr. Christopher M. Drohan, MA, PhD
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