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Subject: [D-G] NEW TITLE:  From Marxism to Post-Marxism? - Goran Therborn

NEW TITLE:=A0 From Marxism to Post-Marxism?
G=F6ran Therborn

Published 16th March 2009

=8CTaking a refreshingly planetary view, he notes some facts about 
global economics, takes stock of "left" successes in the 20th 
century, and laments what he calls "the Bush war against the world". 
After a brief history of 20th-century Marxism, the third and perhaps 
most impressive essay surveys the spectrum of left intellectuals at 
the turn of the 21st century, taking in Habermas, Derrida, Hardt and 
Negri et al, with a finely tuned style of analysis and judgment.=B9=A0 
The Guardian


In this succinct and panoramic work - both stimulating for the 
specialist and accessible to the general reader - one of the world's 
leading social theorists, G=F6ran Therborn, tackles the question of the 
trajectory of Marxism in the twentieth century and its legacy for 
radical thought in the twenty-first. Addressing the history of 
critical theory from the contemporary vantage-point characterized by 
postmodernism, post-Marxism and critiques of Eurocentrism, Therborn 
probes how the recent theoretical currents - including those of 
Slavoj Zizek, Antonio Negri, and Alain Badiou - have coped with the 
changed intellectual as well as political and economic contexts. In 
the light of these discussions, Therborn then proceeds to a global 
investigation of the parameters of twenty-first century politics. 
This will become the essential appraisal of Marxism in the modern 

GORAN THERBORN =A0holds the Chair of Sociology at the University of 
Cambridge and, among his numerous publishing credits, he is author of 
What Does the Ruling Class Do When It Rules?; =A0Between Sex and Power: 
Family in the World, 1900-2000; and Science, Class and Society; and 
editor of Inequalities of the World.  He has been producing 
invaluable Marxist scholarship, on subjects as diverse as global 
inequality and the sociology of the family, for more than 40 years 
and his work has been translated into 22 languages.


Praise for Between Sex and Power

=8CA great work of historical intellect and imagination.  It is the 
fruit of a rare combination of gifts.=B9 The Nation

=8CThis is a deeply impressive book by a major sociologist, original 
and mostly persuasive in its historical analysis and remarkable in 
its survey of the global marital and sexual scene.=B9 Eric Hobsbawm, 
London Review of Books


ISBN 9781844671885  =A314.99 / $23.95 / Hardback / 208 pages

 From Marxism to Post-Marxism? is available at all good bookshops and:







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