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Here's another talk from webdeleuze on Spinoza and affect:

I don't think it has to be that difficult. The little Spinoza bk 'practical
philosophy might help. Just as you can live a life with fewer affects than a
tick (the Leibniz bk) you can have a lot more - you can wake up and say 'my
god where have I been all these years!'

You could 'read' all this thru a gurdjieffian lense (or Krishnmurti, alan
watts, etc, guru or non guru of choice) How can I act affirmatively, how can
I be 'remarkable', rather than mechanical, just reacting. This might also
relate to D's suggestion that Foucault overemphasized control (which F
recognized in Technologies of the self. 
The other fine link would be Isabelle Stengers new work 'La sorcellerie
Capitaliste (in translation with Palgrave). 

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This is also an area I am interested in. Thanks Paul for the reference. I
haven't had a chance to look at this yet but our library has a copy.

I found on line, possibly through this list I can't remember now, a lecture
Deleuze given at Vincennes "Transcripts on Spinoza's Concept of Affect"
transcribed and trans. also I imagine by Emilie and Julien Deleuze.

In this Deleuze unpacks Spinoza in a more systematic way but I still have
questions which I'd be grateful for feedback on. If affect is the 'ceaseless
variation of being' that Spinoza describes how do I make that intelligible?
does one understand 'the force of existing or the power of acting' that
attributes to affect?


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