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Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 14:32:15 +0200
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Dear List,

My name is Guillaume. i used to be, back in 97 (!), a member of this
spoon-list. There was i recon a debate between "Soft" and "Hard"
deleuzoguattarian. Debate launched by Adrian Martin, an australian movie
journalist who later became a friend. Mostly, philosophers and other
academics where rattached to the "hard deleuzoguattarian" party, with their
technical and full of considered-to-be-understood jargon debates. And the
others, the musicians, architects, amateurs, movie makers, idiots, surfers
etc where put in the "Soft" category.  As we all know lots of non academics
have (tried to) read D&G. And there were some difficulties to share thoughts

Well 12 years after (slowness is also a very interesting speed) i happen to
have created a small publishing company which publish illustrated
introductions to philosphers (in a line somehow different and more
"experimental" than the "for beginners" that you might know)... and we are
proud to present the first hard-deleuze-guattari illustrated introduction
that soft readers can read !

the book avoids ununderstandable jargon and tries to be pedagogic. To give
to a non-academic audience some tools to understand a bit more about what
all of this is about. It is that said very far from a "for dummies" book and
demands attention and participation from the reader.
Its also an essay on the D&G concept of  infinite speed, and might very
probably interest the "hards".

It is planned in two volumes, the first one centered ont there ontology wil
be released in France June 1St. The second, about their political theories +
their brain/thought theory will be released later this year.

It's all there in french (sorry) :

I won't bother you more on this "commercial" announcement and wish you all a
great day
would be very happy to reply to any questiosn if there are any


PS : The back cover text, in french :

Enfin une introduction intelligible au couple phare de la philosophie
fran=E7aise contemporaine ! En deux volumes, cet ambitieux mais accessible
essai illustré permet de saisir les véritables enjeux de la pensée de
Deleuze et Guattari, une métaphysique qui convient =E0 l'état actuel de notre
civilisation comme aux derni=E8res avancées de la science contemporaine.

Cherchant =E0 abolir rigoureusement toute transcendance, ils ont con=E7u la
Nature comme absolument immanente =96 c'est =E0 dire sans aucune extériorité, et
pourtant capable de faire surgir en soi de la nouveauté, du radicalement
différent de ce qui était précédemment. Ce surgissement du nouveau, ils
l=92auront traqué dans toutes les strates de la réalité.

Ce premier volume explore ainsi leur ontologie, leur théorie de la venue =E0
l=92=EAtre des choses. Il nous entra=EEne dans un voyage inou=EF au c=9Cur de la
fabrique du monde, au c=9Cur du chaos, de la trame toujours mouvante de ce qui
est =96 variation de l'infini =E0 vitesse infinie qui accouche de
l'espace-temps, de la mati=E8re, de la vie comme des sociétés.

La politique et l=92éthique de Deleuze & Guattari se déduisent ainsi, comme
chez Spinoza, de l=92=EAtre m=EAme des choses.

PPS : if you consider this message as totally of topics and agressively
commercial i promise not to do it again
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