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Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 19:40:28 -0500
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Subject: [D-G] Deleuze International - new Deleuze online Journal

Dear list,

Here a link to the new
very rich Deleuze International online journal,
where a lot of conferences, articles and
links concernig Deleuze Guattari can be found.
I suspect, the webportal has has the aim to be as complete as possible.
As far as I am informed, not personally,
the german Deleuze specialist Marc R=F6lli,
teaching as full professor at TU Darmstadt,
is organizing it as a member.
R=F6lli wrote his habilitation on a very spinozistic theme,
namely "a Critque of the antropmorph reason".
I must admit, that contrary to most  philosophers, my aversion to 
Kant is so big, that I woiuld nerver chose=A0
the titel of his famous book.
But  I think further, R=F6lli tries and likes to strike back
against the very wrong and almost inexplainable common opionon of
the "hard lessson taught by Kant to Spinoza".

I like  to pinpoint to the mems of Dwarkin as a consequent 
Deleuzien/Spinozistic counterpart of genes in the neodarwinstic 
evolutionary process.
Combined with Damasios and Fechners presence in neurolology,
sober thinking scientists and philosphers almost can not escape
a spinozistic/deleuzian view of the world.
This would fulfill the often cited prophecy of Foucault concerning 
Deleuzes importance=A0of his=A0philosophy, in spite he may made it with a 
smile and high risky.

As critique of antropomorphism is a cornerstone of critique of 
theology, and the memes of Dwarkin, who is very active in that field, 
almost unavoidable makes the contact to reincarnation theory from 
eastern philosophy,
the economical and informatical globalization, the last much speeded 
up by the here used internet,
let expect very much practical use of a full understanding of 
Deleuze/Guattari .

The Deleuze International journal will make this easier.
I appreciate much, before despairing ore hold on very
narrow interpretations of Deleuze/Guattari,
to consult that  link/journal quite frequently.

With best regards

Dr. rer. Nat. Harald Wenk

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