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Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 00:27:17 +0100
Subject: [PKF] a few points on pkf

Dear list members,

I read some recent posting and I would like to reply to/ comments on a few
points, for the record.


1.       Paul did understand some Italian (mostly from opera) but it is not
correct to say that he spoke fluent Italian.  He could just get by in food
shops.  The interviews and aphorisms you find in Italian in the Internet are
translations.  I did not manage to check all such translations and I know by
experience that they can contain gross errors.  So, purists beware!


2.       Some of Paul's best recordings available in English and interesting
for the large public are available in a CD entitled Stories from Paolino's
Tapes :  Incidentally,
this is the only recording of his voice that I know is available from the


3.       Finally, if you visit the site
which was mentioned recently, please consider that the picture you see there
is a sort of a joke.  A journalist wanted a picture of Paul and asked him to
be "serious", so Paul played the philosopher part, but you can see that he
is making a caricature of it, and is actually laughing.  I remember this
moment very well.






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