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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 15:57:39 +0000
Subject: [Nietzsche] Nietzsche Circle - Art & Philosophy

The Nietzsche Circle, recently founded by scholars and artists in New York 
and in development, is in search of grant writers as well as other 
volunteers who have organizational skills, editorial experience, graphic 
and/or web design expertise, fund raising knowledge, and development and 
non-profit management skills. The most desirable candidates should of course 
have a background in philosophy, interest in the fusion of art and 
philosophy, or direct interest in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche.

The Nietzsche Circle intends to create a forum whereby individuals of 
similar spirit and vision may come together and discuss Nietzsche’s 
philosophy, carrying Nietzsche’s Dionysiac spirit into contemporary society 
to enact necessary transformations. The Circle will be based in New York 
City (with possible affiliatory centers throughout the world) and function 
as a not-for-profit intellectual and artistic organization, bringing 
together a variety of workers of the spirit (philosophers, artists, writers, 
poets, filmmakers, etc.). One of the pressing needs is to establish the NC
as a not-for-profit organization, which we would like to accomplish by early 
next year.

The Circle will sponsor or organize festivals, workshops (artistic and  
intellectual), symposia, lectures, conferences, and textual analysis 
sessions, and seek publication of a newsletter or journal to present these 
works and further disseminate Nietzsche’s works into different fields of 
culture. However, as Foucault said of Nietzsche, "the only valid tribute to 
his thought . . . is precisely to use it, deform it, to make it groan and 
protest." We are not interested in sanctifying Nietzsche, but in following 
our own paths and transforming his work in our own spirits. In 2005, the
Nietzsche Circle is planning to stage an inaugural event on Nietzsche & the 
Arts in New York City.

For further information, and if you are interested in offering your 
assistance and joining one of the committees, please send a brief cover 
letter and resume to

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