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Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 14:47:05 +0000
Subject: [Nietzsche] Nietzsche & Tragic Man

>                                    The NIETZSCHE CIRCLE and Dan Zhao
>                                                      present
>                                         “Nietzsche and Tragic Man”
>   	 The Nietzsche Circle is a philosophical organization whose main 
>concern is artistic production and the question of aesthetics, of 
>responding to the crisis of art and its bearing on life, which concerned 
>Nietzsche from his first to his last works. The Nietzsche Circle is devoted 
>to the question: What kind of art is vital to our existence?
>	   Please join us for an intimate gathering during which Dr. David 
>Kilpatrick will discuss the urgency of the rebirth of tragic man and the 
>pressing aesthetic needs which arise out of that rebirth. What does this 
>artistic crisis mean to us today? Why is there a necessity for tragic 
>vision? How has Western society evaded the insight of tragic wisdom? What 
>have we lost in separating ourselves from, or repressing the Dionysian 
>energies? Is it possible to return, or rather, embrace and live with such a 
>vision in our own time?
>   	The Western tradition is defined by a refusal of the consciousness 
>exposed by tragedy, with its ecstatic recognition of finitude in the midst 
>of irrevocable loss, i.e. death. The mythologized constructs of Socrates 
>and Jesus replace the sacrificial figure of tragic man, and repress the 
>disruptive energies he embodies. Nietzsche’s words, “God is dead,” announce 
>the collapse of the significatory order of the Western (onto-theo-logical) 
>tradition, and re-expose the wounds of tragic experience.
>	  This talk will explore how Nietzsche calls for a rebirth of tragic man, 
>how the figure of Nietzsche serves as an embodiment of this crisis, and the 
>aesthetic exigencies that emerge.
>	   Dr. Kilpatrick writes for the Brooklyn Rail and teaches at Mercy 
>College; Kilpatrick earned his Ph.D. in comparative literature and M.A. in 
>philosophy from SUNY-Binghamton. David has also written on Mishima, Richard 
>Foreman, Howard Barker, Bataille, Artaud, Hermann Nitsch and others.
>     A dialogue with the audience will follow.
>Internet Cyber Cafe -AT- 277 Bleecker St.(bet. 6th and 7th Ave.)
>Lower Level, Greenwich Village, New York City
>Subway: A, B, C, D, E, F at W 4th St., or 1, 9 at Christopher St.
>Direction: Dan Zhao 917-686-6677
>Time: Sunday, May 22nd at 7 PM
>Doors open at 6:30
>Presentation will begin at 7pm sharp.
>Cost: Free
>Soft drinks will be served.
>"The tragic artist is not a pessimist - it is precisely he who affirms
>all that is questionable and terrible in existence, he is Dionysian.”
>               - Twilight of the Idols -
>For further information, please write to the Executive Director of
>the Nietszsche Circle, Rainer J. Hanshe, at

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