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Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 03:28:15 +0000
Subject: [Nietzsche] Nietzsche Circle Reading Groups


The Nietzsche Circle is now offering its first round of textual analysis 
reading sessions to the public. On its behalf, Dr. Yunus Tuncel will be 
conducting a session on Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality: A Polemic, 
and Dr. David Kilpatrick will be conducting one on The Birth of Tragedy.

In an intimate gathering, each group will have recurring meetings to discuss 
the respective works, focusing on the text through close readings to extract 
its meaning through careful exegesis.
Dr. Tuncel’s group will meet beginning Thursday October 22nd (and every 
other Thursday thereafter) from 12 to 2 PM and Dr. Kilpatrick’s group will 
meet beginning Wednesday October 21st from 9:30 to 11:00 PM.

Yunus Tuncel is one of the founders of the Nietzsche Circle and his doctoral 
dissertation concerned the principle of agon in Nietzsche’s thought; he 
teaches philosophy at the New School amongst other institutions and recently 
finished a book concerning Nietzsche’s critique of morality.

David Kilpatrick serves on the board of directors of the Nietzsche Circle 
and teaches on film, literature, drama and philosophy at Mercy College; he 
has been writing on Nietzsche, Bataille, Mishima and others and his theater 
reviews can be found in The Brooklyn Rail.

If you are interested in attending Yunus’ session, please contact him at, and if you are interested in attending David’s 
session, please contact him at They will provide 
further information, such as where the sessions will be conducted. The 
sessions are free to members and $5 per session for the general public. For 
the sessions to function, there must be a minimum of five people; each 
moderator will determine the maximum and the sessions are first come first 

If you wish to become a member, membership is $25 for students (with valid 
id), and $40 for the general public. Members will receive one free ticket to 
a select Nietzsche Circle event, free textual analysis sessions, discounts 
on books when available, e-mail announcements, and an electronic copy of 
essays or interviews before they are posted on our website. Membership is 
for one year and a form of support for the organization. If you wish to 
become a member, you can pay in cash at the first textual analysis session 
you attend; otherwise, please contact the Executive Director of the 
Nietzsche Circle, Rainer J. Hanshe, at for further 

Thank you for your interest and support and please keep in mind our future 
events, such as our upcoming event at NYU’s Deutsches Haus on Saturday 
November 19th, “Sculpting In Music: Nietzsche’s Early Thought Experiments. A 
recital and lecture.” For more information, please write us at; a flier with detailed information will be sent out in 
the near future.

“I also realize what Schopenhauer’s doctrine of university wisdom is all 
about. A completely radical institution for truth is not possible here. 
Above all, from here nothing really revolutionary can come.

Afterward we can become real teachers by levering ourselves with all 
possible means out of the atmosphere of these times and by becoming not only 
wiser but also better human beings. Here too I feel the need to be true. And 
that is another reason why I cannot go on breathing the academic atmosphere 
much longer. . . .

So one day we shall cast off this yoke – for me that is certain. And then we 
shall create a new Greek academy. . . .

Our school for philosophers is certainly not a historical reminiscence or an 
arbitrary whim – is it not an urgent inner need which sets us on this 
course? It seems that our plan we made as students, our journey together, is 
coming back again in a new, symbolically larger form” (Nietzsche, December 
12th, 1870).

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