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Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:48:46 -0400
Subject: [Nietzsche] Call for Papers: Cultures of Evil

8th Annual University of South Carolina Comparative Literature Conference,
February 9-11, 2006

CALL FOR PAPERS: Cultures of Evil and the Attractions of Villainy

Keynote Speakers: Agnes Heller (New School), Geoffrey Bennington (Emory),
Alberto Moreiras (Duke)
Special Guest: Edmundo Desnoes (Author and Screenwriter)

In the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda, the arrest of General Pinochet,
the various indictments of Henry Kissinger, the Iraqi war, and torture, a
new internationalized panorama of critique has emerged that reassesses
previous assumptions concerning political ethics. This conference takes up a
central issue of today's post-Cold War world--that of evil--and explores the
refiguration of the traditional villain. 

As globalization has broadened cultural horizons, scholarly research has
sought to address these new complexities with interdisciplinary approaches,
which this conference aims to encompass. 


We welcome proposals for papers and panels on topics that might include (but
are not limited to) the following: Postnational Justice, The Villain in
Literature, Post-Derridian ethics, Representations of law in film and
literature, Globalization and culture, Politics of Performativity, Third
World Cinema, Cuba, New imperialisms, perception of evil in shaping acts of
war and terror, etc.


Please send one-page abstracts for twenty-minute papers to the conference
organizers at the following e-mail address:


Or write to:  Maria Mabrey, Conference Coordinator

              Comparative Literature Program

              1620 College St.

              University of South Carolina

              Columbia, SC 29208


Deadline for proposals: November 15, 2005.


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