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Or read Nietzsche. Or better yet, Schopenhauer, from whom Nietzsche derived 
his will to power. For Schopenhauer the will to life is blind; with the 
intellect as its bound servant the will ceaselessly (always and already) 
reproduces itself, though in conflict with itself within the principium 
individuationis. The affirmation of the will to life brings one to live life 
fully, even if one's affirmation leads to the denial of the will to life in 
others. Recognition of this latter fact as a metaphysical insight, however, 
sometimes leads to the emergence of compassion and ultimately denial of the 
will. Nietzsche's entire revaluation project is in *reaction* to 
Schopenhauer's ethics of renunciation, where the will to life becomes the 
will to power, and the denial of the will becomes the will to truth and 

Nietzsche is prozac against schopenhauerian nihilism.


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> What  exactly is the Will to Power?
> Read Heidegger's Neitszche. FrdW
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