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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 16:54:39 +0000
Subject: [Nietzsche] Walter Sokel on Nietzsche

A new essay by renowned German scholar Walter Sokel is now available on the 
Nietzsche Circle website. Please visit our discussion board to respond to 
Mr. Sokel's essay. Also, see previous essays in our archive as well as book 


By Walter H. Sokel.


This paper explores fundamental elements of Nietzsche's thinking strangely 
neglected in the literature on him. It addresses these questions: What 
happens to the notion of the Dionysian, so fundamental in The Birth of 
Tragedy, after it disappears from explicit discussion in the rest of his 
opus? It traces a vitally important shift from thematic prominence to the 
implicit perspective from which Nietzsche views and evaluates the world. The 
role of the Eternal Recurrence as the foundation of Nietzsche's entire 
thinking is closely examined. The striking self-contradictions in his work 
are traced to the crucial importance of contradictoriness as inherent in 
being as seen by Nietzsche. The close relationship between 
self-contradiction and Nietzsche's idea of "justice" receives close 
attention. Examining these topics the essay seeks to locate Nietzsche in 
regard to his conflicted reception as a prophet of Social Darwinist Fascism, 
a spokesman for liberal enlightenment humanism, and a path-breaker of 
all-questioning postmodern relativism.

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