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Dear Colleague,


KILL. We believe that this book is a work of stunning originality and
fundamental significance. We wish to assure that it receives the widest
possible circulation. 


   Therefore we are offering a FREE COPY OF THIS TITLE to instructors when
they request that their library order a copy. 


   To RECEIVE YOUR FREE COPY SIMPLY SEND AN EMAIL to indicating that you are planning to ask
your library to order a copy--and provide the shipping address at which you
would like to receive your own copy. 


   We will ship your personal copy out right away. 


With best regards,

Orion Anderson 


P. S. Details on this exciting, groundbreaking publication appear below.


Orion Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

Library of Social Science

9230 56th Ave., Suite 3E 

Elmhurst, NY 11373 

Tel: (718) 393-1104


Just Published/New
Hitler, the Holocaust and War
By Richard A. Koenigsberg

Product Details

Title: Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler, the Holocaust and War
Author: Richard A. Koenigsberg 
Paperback: 136 pages 
Publisher: Library of Social Science
92-30 56th Ave., Suite 3E 
Elmhurst, NY 11373 
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0915042234
Price: $39.99 

Praise for Nations Have the Right to Kill:

"Richard Koenigsberg is an intrepid generator and disseminator of novel
ideas regarding human violence and destructiveness, ideas that are startling
all the more for being self-evident once they have been absorbed. The
identification of the individual with the nation and, reciprocally, the
equation of the nation with oneself, can create a horrific psychic situation
whereby redemptive actions are invoked that can be suffused with bloody
violence and destruction. Koenigsberg's ideas cut trenchantly through
conventional, rationalized notions about culture and war, enabling us to
understand human institutions in utterly new ways."
   -Ruth Stein, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, New York University, author of
For the Love of the Father

"In this illuminating study of warfare, Dr. Richard A. Koenigsberg discusses
how collective acts of violence safeguard the idea and practice of the
nation. War, Koenigsberg argues, is a form of sacrificial violence: a ritual
process through which a nation becomes alive. Individuals must sacrifice
themselves in order for the nation to survive. He induces this persuasive
argument from an array of historical examples across centuries, with special
focus on the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. With great precision, he shows how
in the Second World War Hitler encouraged the death (murder) of thousands of
his obedient soldiers as a way for the German nation to attain vitality and
permanence. Accordingly, Hitler engaged in acts of genocide because he
believed the slaughter of Jews would balance out the loss of his heroic
soldiers. Based on the ideology of sacrifice, Hitler justified the murder of
millions of Jews, people whom-he believed-refused to give up their lives for
the nation-and therefore had to be terminated for the sake of the nation. A
fresh and passionate mode of theorizing war, Nations Have the Right to Kill
provides a tantalizing look at how nations are constructed through sacrifice
of self and other." 
   -Professor Babak Rahimi, Program for the Study of Religion, University of
California, San Diego

"Nations Have the Right to Kill reminds us in clear and incisive prose that
sacrifice and total war were inextricably linked. Drawing on a broad range
of knowledge spanning the social sciences, Richard Koenigsberg asks us to
conceive of the Holocaust as the product of an ideology that demanded the
sacrifice of both Germany's male population and European Jewry. His thesis
resonates well into our own century by forcing us to confront the reasons
why nations demand and expect human sacrifice."
   -Brian E. Crim, Professor of History, Lynchburg College, author of
"Terror from the Right: Revolutionary Terrorism and the Failure of the
Weimar Republic"

"Despite the vast body of research devoted to the Holocaust, Nations Have
the Right to Kill marks a seminal contribution to our understanding of this
act of genocide. Challenging our belief that Hitler was a uniquely inhuman
monster, Koenigsberg places him squarely within the narrative of a much more
widely held ideology claiming that dying for one's country represents the
apogee of love and devotion. Given that both war and genocide remain
pervasive in today's world, Nations Have the Right to Kill forces us to
reexamine, and reflect on, the true causes of these phenomena."
   -Brian A. Victoria, Professor of Japanese Studies, Antioch University,
author of Zen at War 

"Using Hitler as a focal point, Dr. Koenigsberg offers a riveting
examination of the ideology of political violence. Nations Have the Right to
Kill contains a message that anyone with an interest in changing the course
of human history should internalize and reflect upon. Its striking lucidity
will be a catalyst for our collective evolution."
   -Lee Hall, JD, author of Capers in the Churchyard


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