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Hi Diane.
If you need more info on how to do the paper technique I used on Jerome, 
just ask.
Basically, he was sculpted with newspaper shapes crumpled very tightly, each 
covered with masking tape, then joined together to build the features. 
Prevents you from going nuts with too much details. I then applied layers of 
paper mache.

Same thing could be done much faster and precise with regular clay.

Mathieu René Créaturiste
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>I love Father Jerome - does he giggle during confessions?  Or get 
>snookered?  Not That kind of snookered!!
> I really like the expressive eyes, the mouth/nose exaggeration.  He is 
> full of personality and life!  I'd love to see him in a performance -  I 
> Love your puppets/masks/illustrations!
> I have an old man character I use for "Elves and Shoemaker".  I remade 
> some of my puppets for this year's shows, much nicer than before, but 
> alas; I want to try your technique.  So much detail!
> Diane
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