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Hi Mathieu,
You can sing in front of your sound system if you face the speakers. .. OR.
.. you buy a 31 band graphic equilisor OR a parametric equilisor and insert
it between the mixer and the amplifier, you can then "notch out" the
IF you are going to sing then reverb is A MUST!!! and there are tons
available! From a simple reverb unit that is built into a foot switch to. .
. . .. ??? My favorite for smaller gigs is the Alesis Micro-verb. . it has
reverb, chorus, flange, pitch shift and doesn't need a degree to operate.
You do however, have to have the option of inserting it between your mixer
and your amp. The other thing I am wondering is are you using your home
entertainment speakers/system for output? This will dull your sound
significantly. I'd suggest looking into buying a "powered mixer", this is a
mixer WITH an  effects unit built in AND an amplifier, I like the Yamaha
series but there are a heap available to suit all budgets. ..get one with at
least 6 inputs, balanced and line with at least a treble, mids, bass tone
controls. The Yamaha also has a small graphic equilisor built in which

Hope that helps


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Subject: [Puptcrit] Sound equipement

> Hi all.
> I've been preparing slowly but surely for my first puppet show. Someday...
> My chaotic self cannot wait for when the time comes, to learn the means to
> it.
> So here goes my question about sound equipement.
> I've been experimenting with my voice for puppet character developpement,
> and I've been using a simple mixer and a mike to make sure I hear  my
> like people who are not inside my head. So far so good,  I've gotten rid
> some flaws I couldn't hear before.
> But most voices sure sound flat, as ina  felted room, except for the
> Zevon types. "Wahooo! Werewolves of London!"
> How I can make, LIVE,  the classic effects such as reverb, echo, treble,
> even Pitch while we're at it.
> I need the effects to be live, not on a reccorded soundtrack. I'm hoping I
> won't have to use real-time computer software. The stuff has to work on
> road, with as little equipement as possible, and as inexpensive as
> Are there similar equipement as mine with these added features?
> Or should I buy a special gizmo to complete my mixer?
> Here's my equipement:
> -A Behringer UB502 2-BUS mixer.
>    It includes many line-ins, tape in and tape out (RCA) and the available
> variables are Gain, EQ, Lo, Pan, and level.
> -A Shure PG48 microphone (it's a mike for speeches, not really designed
> singing, but it's what I could afford at the time)
> -I usually use the headphones for when I sing in the mike, to avoid the
> strong feedback effect.
> I wish I could sing in front of my sound system, without headphones,
> causing feedback.
> How do these one-piece home karaoke machines work then? Are they
> to feedback?
> -If the only way is to do it  live with the computer software, which one
> would you reccomend?
> Is there a decent FREEWARE out there that can do the job?
> I have a fairly decent computer, running Windows XP. Not an amazingly
> expensive sound card, but it sounds good nonetheless.
> Right now, my echo and reverb rehearsals come from when I go sing in a
> building where I work sometimes. Too bad I can't teleport the building
> with my whole puppet show gear.
> Thanks
> Mathieu René Créaturiste
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> Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
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