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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Sound equipement
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 22:42:17 -0500

What a quick set of answers!
thanks Kismet!
I saved it all in my puppet archive.
I'll be looking into the micro verb you reccomended.

I do use my home sound system for tests right now, but for a show, I'll get 
a good system like you said.
My Behringer mixer is powered and does boost the sound significantly. I 
tried to plug my microphone directly into the sound system, and even in my 
computer's sound in,  and yikes, almost inaudible. As soon as a got the 
mixer, problem solved.

I'll keep my show as lightweight as possible, as I do not drive. Either I 
have to be able to carry it by foot, or by bicycle(with a trailer).
Since a lot of sound equipement I've tried is heavy, can I assume it almost 
always is?

I think I might be tempted into making my first solo show into an old 
fashionned, voice-only no equipement show.

I just finished a hand puppet intriductory course, and we were working with 
my mike, another of similar quality, and a guitar amp.
The sound was kind of crappy, but it kind of worked with the kind of work we 
were doing. I could live with it.
But I'd be happy to add the reverb...

Thanks again!

Mathieu René Créaturiste
Marionnettes, Masques, Etcetera...
Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
(514) 274-8027
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