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Unfortunately, puppets have always been involved in politics, religion and sex.  In the U.S. in particular over the past 80 years there was an effort to deftly disengage puppets from these topics, and tame them into strictly innocuous pursuits, but, alas or hurrah, puppets resist such taming, as Team America: World Police shows, or the upcoming performances of Bread and Puppet Theater at Theater for a New City in New York (see below).

john bell
For Immediate Release
Residency includes: Theater (both Adult and Children shows) and Visual Art Exhibit
Contact: Linda Elbow (for the Bread and Puppet Theater), 802-525-1271
Several digital images available


The Bread & Puppet Theater kicks off First World Insurrection in New York City from 2 -19 December. Performances held at Theater for the New City,
First Avenue & Tenth Street, along with new exhibit of visual art in the theater lobby.

The Bread and Puppet Theater returns to New York in the nick of time. We know the outcome of the presidential elections. Now the public is clamoring for the
First World to rise up against itself, its imperialism and its unsustainability.

 Artistic Director Peter Schumann and his company of eight Vermont puppeteers will join forces with 20 local performers. Their residency in New York includes three puppet shows (a double-bill geared towards adults and one "family-friendly") and an exhibit showcasing Schumann's visual artwork. The performances will include the traditional serving of sourdough rye bread served with garlic-rich aioli, and the sale of the theater's "cheap art." The mood is discontent - with more than a few laughs
thrown into the rabble rousing.

First World Insurrection details are as follows:

Double Bill of Evening Shows:
December 2 -19, Thurs-Sun., 8 pm (first week); Wed-Sun., 8 pm (second and third weeks)
$10 general admission for evening shows the first week; $12 second and third weeks; groups of 10 or more $8.
held at the Theater for the New City

Family-Friendly Matinees:
December 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 & 19;  3 pm
$10 general admission; $5 children under 12 years.
held at the Theater for the New City

Peter Schumann's Visual Art Installation:


Featuring the Bread and Puppet Theater's signature masked characters and giant papier-m=E2ché puppets.  The individual shows and art exhibit are described below:

WORLD ON FIRE: A group of National Emergency Clowns demonstrates official reactions to the ultimate emergency. The music is by the Asymmetric Prisoner-of-War Orchestra, consisting of local volunteer performers, and their conductor, the Fire Chief.

DAUGHTER COURAGE is the story of Rachel Corrie who died at the age of 23 in Palestine in 2003 as she tried to stop a bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian home.

UPSIDE DOWN WORLD CIRCUS: The circus features upside-down figures, a group of First World representatives trained by a lion, Thomas Jefferson and his patriotic cheerleaders, Gerrard Winstanley and his band of Diggers, the Rotten Idea Theater Company's distillation of political issues and much more, all accompanied by the B&P Circus Band. Political fun for the whole family!

THE U.S. SENATE READS AN EMAIL BY THE LATE RACHEL CORRIE TO HER PARENTS: Peter Schumann dedicates this installation to Rachel Corrie who
died at the age of 23 in Palestine in 2003 as she tried to stop a bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian home. Her email is dated February 27, 2003.

(Background of the theater) The Bread & Puppet Theater was founded in 1963 by Peter Schumann on New York City's Lower East Side. Besides rod-puppet and hand-puppet shows for children, the concerns of the first productions were rents, rats, police and other problems of that neighborhood. More complex theater pieces, in which sculpture, music, dance and language were equal partners, followed. The puppets grew bigger and bigger. Annual presentations for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day often included children and adults from the community as participants. Many performances were done in the street. During the Vietnam War, Bread & Puppet staged block-long precessions involving hundreds of people.

In 1970 Bread & Puppet moved to Vermont as theater-in-residence at Goddard College, combining puppetry with gardening and bread baking in a serious way, learning to live in the countryside and letting itself be influenced by the experience.

In 1974 the Theater moved to a farm in Glover in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The 140-year-old hay barn was transformed into a museum for veteran puppets. Our Domestic Resurrection Circus, a two-day outdoor festival of
puppetry shows, was presented annually through 1998.

The company makes its income from touring new and old productions on the American continent and abroad and from the sales of Bread & Puppet Press's posters and publications. The traveling puppet shows range from tightly composed theater pieces presented by members of the company, to extensive outdoor pageants which require the participation of many volunteers.

Bread & Puppet is one of the oldest, non-profit, self-supporting theatrical companies in this country.

For more information on the Bread and Puppet Theater:, and

The Bread and Puppet Theater
First World Insurrection
A post-election ruckus played out in New York, Theater for the New City. Events include:
World On Fire and Daughter Courage (a double bill), December 2 -19, Thurs-Sun., 8 pm (first week); Wed-Sun., 8 pm (second and third weeks)
Upside Down World Circus (family-friendly), December 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 & 19;  3 pm
The U.S. Senate Reads An Email By The Late Rachel Corrie To Her Parents  (Visual Art Installation held in the lobby of the Theater for the New City)
Performances held at the Theater for the New City is located at 155 First Avenue in Manhattan (corner First Ave. and Tenth Street)
for information call 212-254-1109

The Late Rachel Corrie art exhibit, free


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  I believe what you stated is 100% true in private, But the use of politics,
religion and
  sex on a list should be not allowed unless that list is about those
  I would think if this is a puppet list, the subjects would be strictly the
how's and
  why's of puppets as in handling, performance and building there of.
  By the way, I was not directing that post to you, it was a general
  I was wondering as well as being a bit tongue in cheek., As I signed on to
  list to do some talking and reading about the art of puppetry not politics.
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