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Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 16:04:40 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Speaking of Punch and Judy

Well, there are those of us who would say that a traditional Punch & Judy 
would be very fit for small children.   I think it is only adults who ever have a 

However, to answer the question about Punch websites, there are: (the British College of Professors)

And the site you have already accessed for Uncle Wiggly's online script,, which is Chris Somerville's site out of Wales.   (With a US 
performance calendar maintained by me.   If you're doing the show for 
Christmas, violent of not, let me know.)

Fred Greenspan of Ossining, New York, does a series of shows involving Punch 
without the stick hitting, yet using a traditional Punch framework, often 
combined with the "plots" of classic tales.   There is usually quite a bit of 
punning and verbal wit to such scripts, especially if they are not "swazzled." 

So you may want to look at the available Punch scripts online and write your 
own with other misadventures and comedy moments rather than the violent 
episodes, which are there for catharsis, and also as a pratical matter to move 
scenes along.   But Punch doesn't have to knock Judy around with a slapsticck (or 
get hit by her in turn), or accidentally grind his baby into sausages, if you 
don't want him to.   

Again, however, it's usually adults who are bothered by such scenes; in a 
well-performed comic show, children seem to realize such gags are outrageously 
ridiculous and surreal.


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