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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Random Question Number ONE
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 11:35:13 -0500

Here's an an alternate thought to what other's will offer, especially 
for those without a lot of space who don't sew that often. This is just 
my take on it. To preface this I need to tell you that both my wife and 
I hate sewing, but my wife can do it expertly when she has to. For 
years we struggled with two heavy klunky industrial strength machines 
that we had to drag out and across the house and lift up on the table 
every time we needed to sew anything. Things would have been different 
if we had enough space to set one up permanently that was always ready 
for use. One day I saw a very small light weight machine designed for 
quilters who travel around to quilting groups and classes, etc. It was 
a  Jem Gold by Janome. I researched it on the internet and we wound up 
buying one. It is very easy to use and thread, etc. It is small enough 
to store in tiny spaces and requires no effort to move to where you 
need it. Since we got it much of the stress has been taken out of our 
sewing chores and the two old big machines have remained idle. This 
machine does not have all the bells, whistles and computerized features 
of newer model big machines, just the basic stitches but it doesn't 
cost that much either. Yesterday I needed to make a padded pouch for my 
cd player. It took me all of 5 minutes total to take the machine out, 
plug it in, sew the pouch and put the machine away. No effort!

So if you want an industrial machine with a neck that accommodates lots 
of fabric and has cutting edge features look at what others may 
suggest. If you want ease of use and storage for sewing puppet costumes 
on a machine that will get the job done you may want to look at this 
one. Just Google on Jem Gold. Here's one link for the curious:

Hope this helps. Fred
On Dec 24, 2004, at 10:56 AM, wrote:

> Hellooooooooo,
> SO.  Does anyone have any brilliant ideas about sewing machines?  I am 
> searching for one that isn't $$$$$$$$ (ha ha ha) but can sew well 
> through thick fabric and such, yada yada.
> If you have any wonderful thoughts, please send them my way!
> Thanks,
> Katy
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