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At first I just erased your message, although I found it a bit troubling. 
Thought it was probably better to stay out of what might ensue. But then I 
though that maybe you meant it tongue in cheek so to speak.

But in any event meant seriously or not, I think it brings up a good point.


Puppetry as well as any and all performing arts as well as any and all arts 
(in general) can (and perhaps should have) a social point of view.
I believe that the social point of view should in some way support 
individual rights even if it is in the most infinitesimal moment. As a 
performer that has an audience I have a responsibility to that audience to 
express my vision. That is why they see my show (accept for those situations 
when there is no choice :)) they want to see what I am offering. I have a 
message, whether it is to brush your teeth, wash your hands or respect you 
fellow's individual rights.

I think all kinds of discussions belong in a puppetry list and those I am 
not interested in I delete. I have that right, it is not forced on me.

Just for the record, I am not left wing or any kind of wing (don't care for 
extremists) I am not a communist. I believe in democracy because I am a Jew 
whose ancestors suffered through a millennia of unreasonable, destructive, 
government sponsored hate! I am married to a woman and I don't feel 
threatened if Gay people want the same rights as others.  In fact let me 
very clear here, when threatened by a law of bigotry I will stand with my 
brothers and sisters whether or not it is my life style, no matter what my 
personal and private feelings may or may not be.I am incensed when those 
rights are impinged on and the only avenue of expression I have at my 
disposal is puppetry.

So yes I think that all is grist for the puppetry mill.....

It is my hope that no offense was given by this message....

Oh and Bob your little line made me laugh!.

Mark S.

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>  Is this a Puppet list or a left wing democratic communist party mailing
> list?
> Mark
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