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Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 18:02:35 -0800
To: Michael John Moynihan <>
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] AxTelevision: Opportunities for YOU!

I didn't see it post.  Sorry for the repeat!


At 05:50 PM 12/4/2004, Michael John Moynihan wrote:
>Is this not exactly the same message that was sent to this list 24 hours ago?
>On Dec 3, 2004, at 12:02 PM, Steve Axtell wrote:
>>"AxTelevision" is a brand new creative family show from Axtell
>>Expressions.  It will be released in about 10 days on DVD and VHS and is
>>already getting great reviews from entertainment industry leaders!
>>The 41 min. show goes thru the amazing process of making a short puppet
>>movie.  My workshop staff and I take a group of kids thru the creation of
>>puppet characters, sets, shooting the video, adding sound, special
>>effects and 3D animation.   The show is full of comedy and fantasy as the
>>puppets on the shelf secretly watch us work and make comments!   The show
>>informs, excites and inspires!
>>Once you've seen the show, please tell everyone you know about it!
>>Buy it to give as Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, etc.  Tell your local
>>television and toy store owners about it!   Spread the word and thanks
>>for any creative help!   We know your help is the key to helping this grow!
>>We will soon have thousands of people hitting the website after seeing
>>the show (the show brings viewers to the website).  These surfers are
>>looking for more information about puppets!   We currently get over
>>10,000 hits a month on the professional puppet site so you can
>>imagine as this show goes big, how many more hits we'll be getting on
>>!   Here's how we'll help promote you....
>>The site we have up right now will be greatly expanded.
>>  One of the new sections will be to learn
>>more about PUPPETS, PUPPETEERS, VENTRILOQUISTS, etc.   We want to
>>exchange links with your puppet-related (kid-friendly) web site to
>>promote different techniques like shadow puppetry, ventriloquism,
>>marionettes, International Puppetry, Conferences, Classes, museums etc.
>>Here's how you can become listed on the AxTelevision site....
>>We've provided 2 different banners at the bottom of the site.   One is
>>still and one is animated.   If you put one of these banners on your
>>puppet-related website and link it to -
>>notify me at and give me a link to your page where it
>>is.    For us to link back to you ......Provide us with the following:
>>Name and email address.         (Bob Smith,
>>Name of Your Site Title         (Bob Smith's Puppets)
>>Your html address you would like AxTelevision to link to.
>>This is a really exciting time for our company and we are excited to join
>>so many of you that are actively keeping the art of puppetry and
>>ventriloquism alive in the media and around the world!
>>Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
>>Steve Axtell / Axtell Expressions, Inc.
>>Amazing Characters and Concepts for over 20 years.
>>Got your copy of "AxTelevision" on DVD!
>>International Performer's Directory (Free Listing)
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>>Expressions, Inc.
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Steve Axtell / Axtell Expressions, Inc.
Amazing Characters and Concepts for over 20 years.
Got your copy of "AxTelevision" on DVD!
International Performer's Directory (Free
The original content of this email or attachments is =A9 2004 Axtell
Expressions, Inc.

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