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Subject: [Puptcrit] Herschel & the Chanukah Goblin

This is based on the character Herschel Ostropolier, who was apparently a 
real person known for his wit and cunning. There are a lot of really good 
stories about his exploits. He worked for Rabbi Boruch of Miedziboz as his 
jester, cause the Rabbi sometimes suffered from melancholia.

Mark S.
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> Liz
> Thank you for the information.
> I'd like to hear more about the "Hershel and the Chanukah Goblins" story
> Michael
> On Dec 4, 2004, at 11:48 AM, Elizabeth Freeman wrote:
>> I'm thinking that traditionally---way back----Jewish cultural traditions 
>> were more with storytelling, books, and food...
>> maybe the puppetry would be too connected to Idols and statue making that 
>> they weren't used often.  ???
>> I'm thinking also of the display at the Ballard Museum where there were 
>> definitions of types of puppets.... marionette had something to do with 
>> marie...and church .....
>> With school aged children,  public and Hebrew schools, I've used 
>> "Hershel and the Chanukah Goblins" and the Chanukah story.   But this is 
>> now and you asked about in the past.
>> liz f
>>>>  Finally, I have not been able to find out much about the traditional 
>>>> use of puppetry within Jewish cultural traditions. I am less interested 
>>>> in contemporary work and more about past traditions and practices. Any 
>>>> info, links, pointers will be greatly appreciated. Specifically I would 
>>>> like to find out if any puppeteers have used puppetry to explore, 
>>>> illustrate and tell Jewish Essene tales, teachings and concepts.
>>>> And, if you have read this far, as long as I have your attention: I 
>>>> would really like to read about people on this list who work pretty 
>>>> much exclusively in one specific puppet form, say Rod Puppets, or 
>>>> Marionettes, or Shadow Puppets, rather than a variety of forms. What I 
>>>> would like to read about is what led you to working in the form you 
>>>> chose and why you chose that form over others.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> MM, MKE WI
>>>> "I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive." - Albert 
>>>> Einstein
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