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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 12:13:33 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Hershel and goblins

and of course, Zigazak!! (my most recent fave by Eric Kimmel).
Recommended for anyone who likes Sendakian creatures & expressive, detailed paintings.

Check out The Monster Trap by Dean Morriseay (sp?) While it's not Jewish in content, has similar humor/love of monsters as Zigazak & Where the Wild Things Are.

Re: using Jewish children's lit- Sendak stated that Dear Milli featured his most Western Euro/ WASPy characters.  However, even in this book, there is a referance to the Holocaust in several of the images (if you are up in your Holocaust research, look closely & you'll recognise the references).

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