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Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 23:48:46 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Re: Two questions

Bob, check out the tech rider for Famous PEOPLE Players available on 
Mainstage's web site. They play venues much larger than yours but the 
conditions have to be more or less the same:

They use a simple one line description for the conditions. The reality 
is that if you're playing non-theatrical venues achieving total black is 
a real challenge. Is the issue that they can't create the conditions you 
need or that they are not following your instructions? wrote:

>Hi Critters,
>   Question # 1 - I will begin to use a walking stage (after walking away 
>from that type of performing a long time ago)  I need a powerful, yet 
>lightweight, portable, wearable battery-operated amplifier that has two inputs, one for 
>mic and one for tape)  Does anything like this exist?
>     Question # 2 - I have been performing a black light show, The 
>Spectacular Seas, at schools and theaters, for several years.  When booking the show, I 
>describe the pitch black conditions I need.  I would say that in nearly 50 per 
>cent of the venues (at least here in Florida), it is nowehere near pitch 
>black.  They don't call it Flori-DUH for nothing!
>Any suggestions on how to describe (usually on the phone) what conditions I 
>     Thank you for your help, critters!
>Bob N
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