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Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 21:31:19 -0800
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I've done many black light puppet shows, usually at corporate trade shows 
where we have little or no control over the lighting.  We would build an 
enclosed puppet stagette, completely surrounded by black light tubes; top, 
bottom, left and right.  We would hang teasers and tormentors so that no 
audience member whether seated or standing could see the bulbs directly 
from any angle.  We'd have a small awning over the stage to shade us from 
most of the ambient light.  This could also double as a marquee of sorts, 
and sometimes a place to put our speakers.  Sometimes we could get the hall 
to turn out some of the lighting directly over, or in front of us.  We had 
a black velvet backdrop, and the puppeteers would wear black gowns and 
hoods with black skrim over the eyes.  We even wore Lone Ranger style masks 
to further hide the skin around our eyes.

We'd be seated, but from the chest up we would be above the playboard.  The 
first time I was involved in one of these, I had one of the other 
puppeteers sit in position while I went out front just to confirm for 
myself that we would be totally invisible.  We were!

At one show, where our show was billed as being "In 3D!" I was able to take 
photos of the audience, during the show, sitting out there wearing 3D 
glasses while watching a puppet show!  Of course we proved to any doubters 
that we were, in fact, in 3D, by throwing foam props ( three large foam 
"D's") out at the audience.

What was the question?

-Bob Stone 
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