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Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:30:50 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] OT, but fun to share
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Hi Michael et al,

Sorry, apparently the link only worked for a few days.  An artist near my
house did a small scale, hysterically funny, take-off on Christo's "The
Gates" project that is up in New York's Central Park. He made miniature
saffron colored gates and took photos of them all over his apartment, with
his cat.  The site included a comparison breakdown of how his project
compared to the larger one (construction time... The Gates-  x years, The
Somerville Gates- 2 days), and pithy tongue-in-cheek commentary.  As the
days went by the site was updated.  For instance, originally it noted that
our mayor did not attend the opening, but later, when our mayor insisted on
being involved- after it became a national phenomena- it noted the time of
the mayor's reception in Somerville City Hall (yesterday I believe).

The man even began referring to himself as "Hargo".

On the stats chart it listed the ending date (Christo had one too) as
"whenever the cleaning lady shows up".  Apparently she did.

Sorry you missed it!


> From: Michael John Moynihan <>
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> Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 12:46:54 -0600
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> Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] OT, but fun to share
> Went to the page.
> Not sure what I was looking for.
> No link to second page.
> More info?
> MM
> On Feb 22, 2005, at 10:03 AM, Karen Larsen wrote:
>> Apparently the following link has become a phenomena across the
>> country and
>> I thought the artists on the list, especially those who can not get to
>> New
>> York, would enjoy it.  I received it days ago when it was newly
>> created and
>> the installation is just a few blocks from my house in Somerville, MA.
>> Apparently since then it has become much "forwarded".  Do check out
>> both
>> pages.
>> The Lilliputian quality seems so "puppetlike" to me.
>> "The Somerville Gates"
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>> Karen
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