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Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 11:04:50 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] TV opportunity for puppeteers

You know something I've been meaning to pitch to puppet festivals as a 
fun thing is the 24 Hour Puppet Show - make a complete show, from 
scratch, in 24 hours. The "24 Hour" trend started with Scott McCloud and 
his concept for 24 Hour comics.

I think people would have a lot of fun with it.

- Andrew

Kathleen Jacobs wrote:

> TV opportunity for puppeteers
> I just heard that Martha Stewart is going to have her own reality 
> show. It will be something along the line of the Donald Trumps’ 
> “APPRENTICE”.  I think I recognize a trend :0)
> It is time for puppeteers to produce our own “APPRENTICE” clone ASAP. 
> First order of business, we must decide who should follow in the 
> footsteps of “The Donald” as the Mentor/Boss.  Consider; Allan Stevens 
> of the Puppet Co in Maryland? Karen Larson of Puppet Showplace in 
> Boston? Robert Smythe of MUM Puppethteatre in Philadelphia? Who else?
> The Apprentices: The first task for the wanna-be puppeteer teams will 
> be to write, build, market and perform a puppet show in …say, about 48 
> hours. The BIG question will be how to decide on the winner: Ticket 
> sales? Critical acclaim? Audience applause?  What other torturous 
> tasks must the novices perform to prove their worth? Birthday parties 
> for one year olds?  Your ideas?
> Re: Extreme Make-Over TV opportunity
> After much soul searching, I have decided to apply for the puppeteer’s 
> slot on Extreme Makeover.  However, I will pass on having a makeover 
> myself. As a puppeteer, I have grown used to being the one doing the 
> manipulating.  I want to be the I am applying for the 
> role of the plastic surgeon. How hard could it be? I have lots of 
> experience with ”plastics”. I watched a face-lift on PBS. The doctors 
> just lift up the skin, pull out the wrinkles, and snip off the excess. 
> I have done that exact same procedure numerous times …only variation, 
> I was  stretching fabric over foam. My results were neat and pleasing 
> to the eye. Nips, tucks and implants...easy...I have been doing them 
> for over 25 years...on puppets!
> I am realistic. I know that I will have to forego the hot glue gun 
> technique. Imagine the victim/volunteer about to enter for his big 
> reveal… The hot TV lights soften the glue and his skin starts to peal 
> off. A young woman gets all hot and bothered…. while she melts, the 
> glue also melts and her implants slip down to her navel.
> To achieve professional results that last, I will stick to contact 
> cement and sewing. Hot melt glue was iffy on puppet construction too.
> I have to go. I need to search for before and after puppet photos to 
> document my work. Wish me luck.
> Kathleen
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