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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 11:41:02 EST
Subject: [Puptcrit] O'Neill Puppetry Conference

Greetings, ALL,

The outstanding O'Neill Puppetry Conference has updated its web page for this 
coming June's 15th Annual Conference to be held in Waterford, Connecticut on 
the beautiful grounds of the O'Neill Theater Center. June 18 -26, 2005.  
Intensives June 15 -17 2005.

We are still gathering detailed information on some of the workshops, but the 
site (and below) will give you some general info, guest artists and other 

Martin P. Robinson and Annie Evans will be the guest artists in a 
collaborative workshop. Phillip Huber and Jim Rose conduct the advanced marionette 
Tim Lagasse will again host Video Anarchy.
Three day Intensives limited to ten participants each, and held prior to the 
regular conference will feature Nikki Tilroe and Leslie Cararra offering 
movement and character development, and Jim Kroupa will conduct a hands-on workshop 
in creating mechanical elements for puppets. 

Individual participant projects and Emerging Artists works will be guided as 
usual by members of the O'Neill Puppetry Conference staff.

Check out the web site at

if you have any questions, I can help in some areas. Please email me directly.
More detailed information will be posted as soon as it is received.

Fred Thompson

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