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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Re: Slightly confused! (was: Schlemmer 'King Stag')
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 23:43:11 +0100


it helps a lot! Thank you!

I've tracked down the museum in Zurich (Museum Bellerive)  where
Ta=FCber-Arp's 'King Stag / K=F6nig Hirsch' puppets are kept. There are no
pictures (of the King Stag puppets) on the museum website so I was
unable to confirm that these were the same as the puppets in the
picture -- that is until your confirmation.


"The unique marionette collection, with its works by artists of the
first half of the twentieth century, is very highly regarded
internationally. It includes Sophie T=E4uber-Arp=92s Dada figures for the
piece =93King Deer=94 (1918) and marionettes by the Russian artist
Alexandra Exter."


Thanks again!

-- Paul

On 11 Feb, 2005, at 22:24, Steve Williford wrote:

> Paul,
> they were made by Taeuber. I can't find anything about Schlemmer
> having anything to do with them.
> Here is what Jurkowski said...
> If people don't mind, I'm typing straight out of the book for
> discussion purposes.
> So this is straight from Jurkowski's History of Modern Puppetry Vol II.
> on page 52...
>         " In 1914 Altherr hosted an exhibition of modern theatre in
> the Museum, mainly scenic projects by Gordon Craig and Adolphe Appia.=20
> Simultaneously in the town, the  Marionettentheater Munchner Kunstler=20
> presented a programme of performaces. The success of the exhibition
> encouraged Altherr to go a step further, and he invited cooperation
> from some of the teachers at his school with artists such as Otto
> Morach, Sophie Taeuber, Max Tobler and Carl Fischer in the founding of=20
> a marionette theatre. The figures designed and made by these artists=20
> were manipulated by students from the school, while local actors and=20
> singers provided voices for the texts.
>         For the opening season Altherr produced King Stag by Carlo
> Gozzi, with puppets designed and manufactured by Sophie Taeuber. She=20
> was tutor to the textiles class and at the same time an ardent
> participant in the activities of the "Cabaret Voltaire". King Stag was=20
> especially adapted to parody certain fashionable themes of the time,=20
> such as Freud's nearby clinic and practice in psychoanalysis. The
> magic statue from Gozzi's play or fiabe, with its ability to uncover=20
> falsehood and give help to "King Deramo" to find a truthful wifew,
> becamer a more modern instrument, with a new function, that of
> analysing the female psyche. The joke was exploited incessantly in the=20
> dialogue.
>         Parody of all kinds has been known throughout history often
> overlaying old subjects with new "incrustations". The real novelty of=20
> this production was Sophie Taeuber's puppets. They were "true"
> puppets, which happily avoided any serious similarity to the human
> form. They were fashioned as geometric pieces of wood in mobile
> composition, adorned with scraps of cloth and painted in bright
> colours, recalling beautiful toys. Many theatre artists hailed them as=20
> an ideal point of departure for "pure theatre".
> I highly recommend these two volumes. I think Ray DaSilva has some
> available - so check with him - Or Ray, would you like to add a plug=20
> here...
> I also checked in Vesely's Most Important Marionnete-Theaters of the=20
> World #3 - Marionettes suisse - which I think the text was written by=20
> both Altherr and Vesely (or maybe translated by Vesely) but on page 16=20
> there is a  5x7 picture of  a scene from Gozzi's Kong Hirsch with
> puppets by Arp-Taeuber in 1918.(and of course it turns out that its
> the same picture that Ray DaSilva was mentioning on page 39 of "Otto=20
> Morach Seine Arbeit f=FCr das Marionettentheater: la bo=EEte =E0 joujoux by
> Lothar Drack, 1988. and its much clearer in the Drack book than the
> one I found in Vesely) and to top it all off this is exactly the same=20
> picture you have earmarked for us at
> <> - except that your=20
> picture is reversed.
> hope this helps,
> -Steve
> At 12:08 PM 2/11/05 -0800, you wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Slightly confused! (was: Schlemmer 'King
>>         Stag')
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>> Hi Steve,
>> I'm afraid I don't have easy access to a copy of Jurkowski. I'm trying
>> to gather more information about the puppets (attributed to Schlemmer)
>> found on this page:
>> Were they in fact made by Schlemmer or were they made by Ta=FCber?
>> Does Jurkowski's book contain images of them?
>> Thanks for your help!
>> -- Paul
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