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Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:15:50 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] O'Neill Puppetry Conference

<< Fred:
    Is this the one that requires a resume and one's  approval before being 
allowed to
   Mark >>

I have responded to Mark privately, but thought a shorter reply here might be 

The application form for the O'Neill which is downloadable from the site 
( has a listing of what they would like to 
receive from you to see where you may be in the field of puppetry (or other related 

Having said this, I know that the selection process is extremely flexible and 
at times, a phone conversation has been the determining factor.  They want 
whatever materials you can send along to understand who you are and what you've 

The list may seem intimidating but don't let it bother you. Call or email 
Bobbie and let her know why you are interested. It's not meant to be off-putting.

There is an 'interview' process, whereby Bobbie Nidzgorski determines if the 
'fit' for a prospective participant with the conference is right. Believe me 
when I say, it has more to do with making sure that you will benefit from the 
conference and less to do with your status.
--->>>>The most important thing is that any participant has a strong desire 
to learn and share. <<<------

Once you're in, everybody starts at the same place. It depends more on what 
you need to get out of the conference. The staff adjusts to meet those needs. 
We have also had folks there who have no puppetry experience but may have some 
dance or theater connection and who are interested in puppetry.

This is just a quick reply. I'd be glad to give you details on specific 

It's not as intimidating as it looks.
And it's a GREAT experience for most....We have had a lot of repeats.

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