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To: <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 02:58:06 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Catalog of formulae AND links!

HI all.
What Robert Smythe has suggested has been a dream of mine for quite some 

I never found a website with just the kind of formulas I need, so I guess I 
should step up and make something of it.

I VOLUNTEER  to compile a document specific to recipes useful for puppet 
making and maintenance.

Send me all your precious formulas, with the info you want included with 
each recipe (I always do my best to give credit where due).
I'll sort them, maybe do different files, according to categories.
I can upload them on a website (is there a webspace for this version of 
Puptcrit?) and I'll keep them available on my own webspace as well.
For absolute compatibility and minimal file size, I'd make plain text files.
Unless some formulas need visual aid, in which case I'd make PDF.

But first, here I go with a quick search...
This is HUGE!
links first on the page, scroll down for index.

There are other websites with recipes, like:,

but I found nothing else than this, which is still useful IF you use the 
toxic stuff,

Mathieu René Créaturiste
Marionnettes, Masques, Etcetera...
Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
(514) 274-8027 

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