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What about pax-paint? It's basically 1/2 acrylic paint and 1/2 pros-aide
adhesive. It works great and never cracks. You have to lightly brush it with
translucent face powder to get it to not be tacky. I've used it for years
and have never had any problems.

The Vulture MC's head was a cast latex piece -

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I find that an airbrush delivers that thin layer of paint and also helps
prevent the cracking that you are talking about.  Basically, I have found
that as long as you can get it thin enough and the paint has elasticity
properties, it should work well.

Jim's recipe is a great one to use.  I also, have bought paints specifically
designed to paint latex from the monster makers group.  But, again, I think it has  a lot to do with
the application method, for me any how.



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> Wow!
> Awesome!
> They are already alive, even without paint!
> Speaking of paint, how do you paint over latex (i'm assuming standard
> latex, sold to make moulds) without the paint cracking eventually?
> Any specific brand and selection inside that brand?
> I've read somewhere that it's best to use fabric paint?
> Is that so?
> Is the airbrush absolutely necessary?
> I really love the paintbrush!
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