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Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 08:57:43 +1000
Subject: [Puptcrit] Painting Lates...or any....heads

I use the Sc series for "serious" work but still use good old acrylics mixed in latex for a lot of stuff....Mark, whats the problem with this? I havent come across any myself but may be missing something..........



SC-89 Series is a non-yellowing,
elastomeric urethane coating which dries
by solvent evaporation. SC-89 series
offers the following characteristics:
. Non-yellowing, Aliphatic material
. High Tensile Strength
. High Elongation
. Excellent impact resistance
. 700% Elongation
. Outstanding abrasion resistance
. Solvent resistant
. Exceptional gloss and colour retention
. Low temperature flexibility
Available in Clear Gloss and Clear Flat.
Can be used as a stretch coating for
fabrics, latex, foam, rubber and
polyurethane elastomers such as Skin Flex
SC-89 Paint Series and selected silicones.
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